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On Tuesday I went to the career connections event at the Fashion Institute of Technology sponsored by SUNY Oswego. This was my second time attending this event. I went last year as a junior and this year I went as a senior. Many would think that you should be able to go only once, but I would always recommend to go as many times as you could and as many career events as possible. Even though the event has the same format of gaining connections I didn’t gain the same knowledge and information as before. Last year what I took from the event was the importance of being ready and preparing to move forward. Understanding that if I want to experience growth in opportunity I would have to go after it and learn as much as I can. Even though I still had a year left before graduation last year I made sure to find connections especially in terms of internships; and I did.

On the LIRR

This picture was taken by a close friend of mine. I had not seen her all vacation and what a coincidence to bump into her on the train as I was on my way to Fox studios.

At career connections one of the best aspects is that they offer opportunities to various interest and majors for personal site visits to major organizations and businesses. For example last year I was able to attend a panel discussion and tour of ABC, NY studios with several alumni. This year I attended the Fox, NY studios tour. Each chance to view the studios was a great opportunity to see how these studios operate and all the work and behind the scenes aspects of these major companies provided me with great incite. This opportunity has aided in demonstrating to me that this is where I want to be.

I must admit that attending events like this had always shifted my goals and plans either a lot or just a tad. I would say this isn’t a bad occurrence for me and that I actually find it to be helpful. I learned that this is a process of “re-visioning”, re-visioning what it is that I want to be and where I want to go. This process is a great sift that has always pushed me to determine what’s my hearts desire and where my passion really lies. Attending these kinds of events has allowed me to discover my career options, graduate school choices and options, and internship possibilites as well. Despite having increased optimism I can’t ever say I knew or know exactly what and where I want to go, yet I still have a great direction of where I’m heading. That sounds weird huh? I’m sure many of you can relate.


Overall, each year I am impressed by the outpour of support from alumni that contribute their time and effort to this event. It has been great to see the produced outcome of individuals who were once where I am working to be something much greater. Observing them has continually showed me that I can also be just as successful and that it really could be me. I realized that the harder I work and the more I work toward my goals next time it will be me. I just would like to thank all the alumni and all those involved in putting this event together because it has helped me tremendously in addition to hundreds and hundreds of other students as well, if not more certainly.

“At some point, your prepardness and the prepardness of the world will coincide and bingo! You’re an overnight success.”Marcia V. Keizs, PH.D, President, York College

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  1. Very glad you participated in — and blogged about — this program! One more thing I would have loved back when I was in school. Those connections, as we all know, are worth their weight in gold!

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