Back in the GO.

After 36 hours of driving, including a 12 hour stop in NC for New Years, I’m officially back in Oswego.  Well I have been back on campus since the 2nd for hockey but, regardless, I now have internet access and a computer that doesn’t catch on fire when you turn it on.  Christmas in Dallas was fantastic!  It was just me and my Dad this year.  Of course watching the 24 hour A Christmas Story special on TBS was in the itinerary…can’t break tradition!  But besides Red Rider BB guns and a blockbuster movie marathon we just relaxed, turned on the fireplace, and caught up on life.

I made the drive to NC just in time to see my little brother Scott on New Years Eve and before he headed back to Colorado.  He turned 20 this September…time flies.

So I’m back.  Australia was the experience of a lifetime and while I’ve learned a lot about myself over the last 6 months (well last few years because I have been on the go for a while now) I have to admit there is a huge difference between unpacking bags and unpacking boxes and I am definitely looking forward to the latter at the moment…

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  1. And good to see you back on the ice! Your return to the rink would be a great blogging topic when you have the time, now that you don’t have a computer that could go up in flames at any moment. Go Lakers!

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