Away.. Sweet.. Away

It’s a brand new year with a fresh start to see what exciting adventures turn up. This is one of the times I live for as a college student; WINTER BREAK! Well not just winter break but any break that I can get away from the busyness. I say that harshly but it’s not meant to be taken that way. Usually for me winter break has been a time to relax after a long semester of work and lots and lots of juggling between working, classes, writing papers until wee hours of the dawn,  and burning the mid-night oil doing countless other projects for class. Not to mention I have to stay afloat socially so lets not forget the parties, events, and dinners.

The break gives me sometime to reflect on how I can do better on the next term. I enjoy the times of complete “nothingness”. I’m sure many can relate to this as just being those times where you do absolutely nothing but just simply rest and relax. The winter break last between 5-6 weeks and I must admit for myself and many other people I know after the first week and a half most people are urging to head back to Oswego. For me it has just been the experience of needing my own territory and separation from my home environment back to my newly acquired life and lifestyle in Oswego as many others can provide testimony to as well.

It hasn’t been the idea to just jump back into doing the busyness again but just getting back to the way of life when having a good time with my friends during the weekend, being able to stop by someone’s residence hall to play pool or just chat for hours about life or future aspirations.

The break also gives me a chance to catch up on television and new and old releases out on DVD because I hardly ever get a chance to watch any of that when in session at Oswego. With that said Im actually going to go see what I can look to watch now. I plan to hang out in New York City tonight. I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

One thought on “Away.. Sweet.. Away

  1. Sounds cool!
    How did the break go overall?
    How did the New Years in NYC go?
    Its been a good experience for me, hope it did for you!

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