Achieving Your Dreams

Often times when thinking of college and what it means to be here many people take it for granted especially if they knew exactly how much time they really had to complete their dreams. These days and as in the past people would expect that a college education was the key and or a door to new opportunities that others wouldn’t necessarily have. But, others would disagree with the notion that “college isn’t for everyone” and that holds true as well in many cases. In either case what would you do if you knew exactly how much time you had to achieve your dreams?

Interestingly enough what would you do if you had weeks or months to live? Many of you may be familiar with the “Last Lecture” presented by Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch in September, 2007. I won’t continue to discuss the issues regarding his illness, life, or death. I send my deepest and sincerest gratitude to his family and loved ones. I would much rather offer his message and his work that I understand would be the best attribute of his life than discuss anything otherwise.

I first learned about Professor Pausch when watching The Oprah Winfrey Show about a year ago. I actually woke up hearing Professor Pausch speaking. There isn’t any amount of words that I could piece together that could explain how compelled I was by his message. I learned the value of life and how important it was to live each moment. I learned to accept challenges and criticism no matter what forms they come in. Professor Pausch stated that “when your screwing up and nobody is saying anything that is a bad place to be”. When your screwing up and no one says anything it is usually because they have given up or no longer care.

Overall Professor Pausch offered great perspectives on leading ones life and achieving your dreams. He mentioned to think of others more than yourself. He even dedicated what would be thought to be an account of his own life in his last lecture to inspire others, but more importantly for his children. You can view the last lecture by viewing the following link:\”Professor Pausch on YouTube\”

So as the world continues to spin what are we thankful for? Begin to focus on your dreams. Instead of making excuses find solutions. Focus more on what can be done rather than what can’t. Dare to dream and explore and make it a reality.  No message, words, people, books, videos, and or anything else can inspire you if you can’t find it within yourself. Professor Pausch mentioned that we cannot control the cards we are dealt but more so it’s important how we play the hand. Look into your hands. What cards appear there?Think wisely, choose precisely, and move swiftly. Therefore, I encourage that you not live each moment as your last but live each moment at its best.

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