Spooky weekend!

Hey everyone!! Sorry i haven’t gotten a post in in a while, but I’ve been pretty busy. This week was fun-filled with practice 6 days a week, and 3 of those days were twice a day, which is always a good time. I also started my lifeguarding job at the YMCA in Fulton, which is a pretty sweet job by the way, and if anyone had their lifeguarding cards should apply 🙂

This weekend I went to a Swim Team Alumni’s house near Albany for a Haunted Hayride/Haunted house trip. We went to what I think was the hometown of Ichabod Crane Maybe??? and went to this place that had a haunted hayride, three haunted houses, and a haunted corn maze. I guess it’s like one of the best in the country, so if anyone is interested in doing that, you should definitely look it up; it is definitely worth the 30$$! It was pretty much the scariest thing I’ve ever done, and it was great to get away for the weekend with some swimming and diving friends for some extra “bonding time” 🙂

2 thoughts on “Spooky weekend!

  1. Did a corn maze once with a bunch of professors. Many advance degrees, plenty of brainpower. And we had to follow a couple of 8-year-olds to find the exit. Quite a humbling experience!

  2. haunted hayrides etc. are so much fun. there’s one around Oswego somewhere, but not too sure where.

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