Rain, rain go away!

As an intern for the Lifestyles Center, it has been my job to promote the Center through Facebook.  Learning the “new” Facebook has been a challenge, but I think it is hilarious to see how many people’s lives have been drastically changed because the layout has changed.  I never realized how useful Facebook could actually be for networking and promotion.  It has been very useful in notifying people of upcoming events, explaining how to become involved with the center, and to simply let people know what we do there.  (We promote healthy and responsible lifestyle choices!)  We have a Lifestyles Center, SUNY Oswego Fan page and also an Oswego Lifestyles group and the number of members increases every day.  It really has been exciting to see.

It is SO cold today, but I love it!  The cold weather is nice after it being hot out.  I used to hate the cold weather, but there’s something about being able to bundle up that is fun.  (Plus, I’m not going to lie- it’s really funny to see the freshmen react to the Oswego wind and then respond with “Welcome to Oswego!”) I was there once too though.  THE RAIN however, I could do without! We have enough water in the lake, we don’t need anymore!

I’m usually at a loss for words (which does not happen much) on how to end posts, so I’ll just finish with my most recent favorite quotation.  My “favorite quotation” change pretty much every day!

“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit” -Aristotle

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  1. I totally know what you mean about the rain!!!! uuugh, when its not 485957289 degrees anymore, it rains, and doesn’t stop until the snow comes… haha Oh well, i still LOVE Oswego 🙂

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