What is your favorite part of the day?

This is a question to ask yourself “what is your favorite part of the day?” My favorite part of the day is lunch, breakfast, or dinner. Whether it is in cooper, pathfinder, or even Mackin (which is a little too far for my taste buds). But my friends and I realize that the best parts of our days are when we are all eating together. I’m pretty sure many of you can also attest to this. Sometimes I spend more than an hour in the dining halls, and the only time when I leave early is when I have to run to a meeting or I have a class. But my friends and I love to sit in the dining hall and talk for hours.

Sometimes our conversations are about sweet nothings, other times they are about the same nonsense we talk about every day. But for the most part those conversations can be meaningful, whether we are complaining about professors (which we have to do every once in awhile), talking about family, what’s going on in the world around us, making fun of someone who cannot find a seat (so they spin around as if they are waiting to be escorted), or whether we are sitting by the window taking in our beautiful campus. I realize it is so important for me to just relax and enjoy myself for two complete hours or more ;-). Eating is supposed to bring pleasure and how much pleasure can you have when you are eating your favorite meal with the people you love the most.

But honestly ask yourself what is your favorite time of the day, but you must take some time to really think about it, and if you realize that your favorite part of the day is eating with your friends then you must know what it feels like when the dining hall staff ask you to “please empty your tray whenever you are finish eating,” when they see all of the napkins piled up on your plate; which clearly indicates that you are finish eating, We love their polite way of asking us to please leave!!!!

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Hello my name is Sherrifa Bailey, I am from Brooklyn, New York. I am a junior majoring in Public Justice and Psychology with a minor in Forensic Science. One of my favorite things to do will have to be dancing. I love to dance!! Along with that, I love my familyand friends, going through new experiences, and definitely travelling the world!!!!
Email: sbailey@oswego.edu
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4 thoughts on “What is your favorite part of the day?

  1. You know it is actually funny that we spend so much time in the dinner hall. Usually after 20 minutes (all except me) have finished eating but we still end up being there for hours.

  2. Morning. Sunrise. Everything is new. Everything seems possible. Things are quiet, you can think.

    That said, weekend mornings that involve sleeping in are even better!

  3. I totally agree about the dining hall, my suitemates and I will seriously sit there forever jus talking about everything. Sometimes we talk about the dumbest things but it is so entertaining. I know exactly how it is when the staff comes out to tell us to clear our trays and that the dining hall is closing. it’s also so sad, but we just continue at the next meal. like the post, it’s so true

  4. Dinnner @ 6pm to talk about more random things??? lol. Great story and I hope we have more converstations to come. I always look forward to our dinner chats. So humorous at times.

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