Facing the past: The Reflection of the future

I knew that the first blog would be the hardest of them all, I sat here and I pondered and pondered about what to write, and the only thing that was coming across my mind was a welcome note, with one of my favorite quotes. This quote was given to me by one of my English teachers in high school, who indeed introduce me to one of my favorite books (Catcher in the Rye). Before I graduated she gave me the book and inside of it was a quote from Mark Twain, and the quote stated, “throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.I also remember her saying to me, “you make sure you make Mark Twain and I very proud.” From the moment I received the quote until the next day, it was one of the most important thing anyone have ever said to me. I had never looked at the book or the quote again, and somehow the importance of them both diminished as I went on being Sherrifa Bailey, the New College Bound girl.

And here I am years and months after the book, the quote, and the English teacher; a junior in college living such a busy life, getting involved, attending classes, and embarking upon new experiences every day. Today I had so many things to do for my classes and then I realized Oh my God September will be over tomorrow. I went into my planner so that I can make notes of all the things I had to do for Wednesday October 1st. So as I did my daily routine of making a list of all things I have to do for the next day, I looked at the bottom of my planner in the lower right hand corner, which there is always a quote awaiting you to brighten up your day. As I read the quote it made me realize how important that day was when I received Catcher in the Rye and the quote by Mark Twain. Because there it was, my English teacher words of inspiration staring me right in the face. And then I started to think did I disappoint her? Mark Twain? And myself? And it is safe to say no, Oswego is a wonderful place that is helping me to achieve, develop, and discover.

Coming to Oswego, a place where I first questioned my sense of belonging has definitely helped me to Explore. Dream. Discover. Oswego has offered me many opportunities, some which I seek, others that approached me, and many which are awaiting me. I have to say Each day I look at where I came from and the direction that I am headed, and I give thanks because I am so grateful for all the wonderful opportunities that has helped shaped the person I am becoming. This opportunity to share my experiences, my thoughts, and my journey is definitely an exciting and blissful one, and I am delighted to do so.

About the Author

Hello my name is Sherrifa Bailey, I am from Brooklyn, New York. I am a junior majoring in Public Justice and Psychology with a minor in Forensic Science. One of my favorite things to do will have to be dancing. I love to dance!! Along with that, I love my familyand friends, going through new experiences, and definitely travelling the world!!!!
Email: sbailey@oswego.edu
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10 thoughts on “Facing the past: The Reflection of the future

  1. Well you already know that i am proud of you, and i am glad that you have had so much success here at Oswego. I hope that you continue to climb your staircase to success, and i can;t wait to read what is yet to come!!!!!!!!

  2. I, as well as everyone around you, are extremely proud of you. Keep doing wonderful things and striving to become bigger and better. I am very proud to call you my friend

  3. Hey baby girl, what you have done is showing others that, no matter what your struggles are in life, you can always overcome them. Your introduction was beautifully written. (HURRaY 5 STARS). You have exceeded alot of peoples expectations. You’re my inspiration you make me so proud you make me want to push a little harder, your an advocate for all that’s good and worth fighting for. Keep up the good work and never let anyone or anything deter you from accomplishing your goals and dreams. Your my daughter that I can only dream of having some day, and I hope when she gets here, she turns out just like you, why because your perfect in my eyes. BRAVO. And well done. See you soon.
    Love your second mom.

  4. whoaaaa.. that quote is totally one of my favorites too! I actually put it in my high school senior yearbook as my personal Senior quote. I’m on a sailing team, and sailing in the summer is pretty much my life, so it was cool to relate my life to something nautical :-p

  5. my favorite time of the day is when I leave school and go pick my kids up from school, it begins another chapter of my day. My kids mean the world to me, if I wasn’t able to do this I would be a lost person.

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