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Get involved. No matter how busy you are, how many classes you have or how much homework you have to do, find time to meet people and get involved in a sport, a club or something. My first semester at SUNY Oswego, I was afraid to get out and meet people. I think it had to do with my vision and worrying if I’d find my way home or silly things like that, but this semester is totally different.

Over the Summer, I made it a goal of mine to try and keep as busy as possible, and meet as many people as I could for this Fall semester. I am very outgoing and enjoy trying new things, but I just wasn’t sure how to go about it. I pulled the SUNY Oswego website up, searched for clubs and organizations and made a list of everything that interested me. These included tae kwon do, ski club, and the crew team. I was interested in many others, but didn’t want to overbook myself. I then clicked on the club and it connected me to their homepage. From here, I emailed the president or contact email and went from there.

I was very interested in the crew team, but I had other obligations that interfered with many of the practices. I go home, to Baldwinsville, twice a week. I take Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and Brazilian Jujitsu classes. I enjoy this so much but I was unable to do this and crew.

I went to a tae kwon do class last week and really enjoyed it. I laughed because it is a lot of striking and blocking. I enjoy the striking part of it, but I kind of have a little problem with the blocking. I plan on attending more of these classes.

This past weekend, I received an email back from the Ski Club. They were very interested in having me in their club. We have been emailing back and forth trying to see what mountains have adaptive teaching aids, or someone who is familiar with teaching a blind snowboarder. We are making great progress and I cannot wait to get on the slopes and board all day with my friends.

I have also joined the fitness center that is attached to my dorm building. Talk about convenient. I can go work out and then walk across the hall and have dinner or a snack after my work out. I haven’t tried a workout class such as the spinning class or other classes yet, but some of my friends and I are planning on doing that soon.

I also enjoy volunteering whether it is on campus or in the Oswego community. It’s fun meeting residents in the community and helping out for a good cause. Last weekend, a friend and I volunteered to help out with a 20 mile bike race, and a 5k and 10k running race. We were asked to direct traffic for the bike race, and then block off a street and cheer for the runners. This was so much fun, and yes a blind girl was helping direct traffic.

I can’t stress enough how much fun I’ve had just meeting people, making friends, doing something I love and trying new things. This is what college is all about. Yes there are classes, studying, homework, projects and other assignments or tasks that we have to complete to get our degrees, but there is so much more to college that you should take advantage of if you haven’t already.

Just never be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, go somewhere without your roommate or friends and do something that you love doing. I think that was another one of my problems, not wanting to go places without friends. I am comfortable with my friends and enjoy being with them, but sometimes I needed to do what was best for me. Not all of your closefriends will have the same interests as you do, so don’t be scared, and get out there.

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