Greetings All,

I must admit this is an exciting and intimidating process. Exciting because I am a broadcasting major and I really enjoy communications and multi-media and this just adds to that passion of mine. I would agree that it is intimidating only because of the wide array of readers paging through the blogs. But as in the title I welcome you all to discover my experiences here at Oswego State that I may share with many of you now and or in the future.

I am from Hempstead, New York and it is a suburb of Long Island within less than a half hour from New York City and an hour outside of Manhattan. I discovered Oswego through my guidance counselor Mr. Davis (Thank You!) who served a great role in my development in my high school career. Through him I applied and I decided to come here because of the cost, distance, and at the time the journalism program. I later switched to broadcasting and mass communications because I wanted more involvement with communications.

I lived on campus in Cayuga Hall once upon a time for two years and I have lived off campus ever since. I must admit it was a great experience living in the residence hall. I enjoyed the connections and meeting new people all the time. Living off campus for me has matured my living experience definitely. I say that because it made me more responsible with my spending habits with knowing that I had to buy my own groceries, pay rent, utilities, and various other amenities.

One of my very first jobs on campus was working with Auxiliary Services formerly in Hewitt Union Late-Night. I have to admit I wasn’t a fan of food service but it definitely allowed me to pay for my laptop (And it still works!). I also worked formerly in the L.E.A.D. (Leadership, Education, Activities, and Development) Center working closely with the Leadership Development Series and the A.L.A.N.A (African, Latino, Asian, and Native American) Conference. Those were great programs for me to be involved with because I got so connected into the frame work of student activities to often be recognized as an upperclassman in just my first semester. From there I began to get involved in writing for the Oswegonian which is the student newspaper. I have also been involved voluntarily with Residence Life & Housing working as a hall orientation coordinator, hall council officer, and residence hall advisory board. Additionally, I also was a building manager for the Department of Campus Life my freshmen year up until this year. I was generally known as the guy with 10 jobs =).There are countless other experiences I could discuss but that is all for now.

This is my senior year and it’s definitely been a great time up until this point for me. I have experienced various levels of growth and maturity through a result of my involvement on campus. I first came to SUNY Oswego with great hopes of exploring many opportunities where I could challenge and shape myself into something that I couldn’t predict, something much stronger, much wiser, and maybe even a little taller. It was exciting to embark upon this unknown journey. I must admit that thus far I have succeeded. It wasn’t always easy, yet it wasn’t always difficult. Despite the ups and downs, gains and losses, it has been an incredible journey. It has been incredible for the time spent with my wonderful and I do mean wonderful friends (I heart you!). Honestly, without them I couldn’t begin to imagine what my time would have been like in Oswego without their continuous support, love, and generosity (You all know who you are!).

I’ll leave you all with this quote. Thanks for reading!

“Everyone who got where he is has had to begin where he was.”
– Robert Louis Stevenson

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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog, and i will keep checking to see what is coming up next…….and i love the ending quote. Continue to raise the bar!!!!

  2. Cameron,
    Great blog! you have a lot to be proud of. Thanks for sharing your experience. I know you are looking forward to ‘entering’ the real world, after graduation. I know you will continue to do well.

  3. Killa Cam,

    Great blog! Thanks for sharing your experiences, and I know they’ll be alot more to come. Keep doing it BIG and represent Sigma to the fullest.

  4. thanks for sharing your wild crazy and fun reality of going to oswego ..i would love to be a part of the oswego family and i also want to major in broadcasting for television..sounds like you had a great exsperiance. just to let you know you made me want to graduate even more i cant wait and i really hope i get accepted !!

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