Meet social media intern Griffin!

Intern Griffin Bruce


My name is Griffin Bruce and I am the Social Media Intern for the SUNY Oswego Office of Communication and Marketing. I’m super stoked to be able to share what I have learned in the classroom and personal experiences to the SUNY Oswego social media accounts. A little background information on me: I am a last semester Senior here at Oz, majoring in Broadcasting with a minor in Business Administration. I am super passionate about Filmmaking, Social Media and Photography, hence the Broadcasting major. I really only added the Business minor to gain a broader perspective of the business-side of everything.

Outside of academics, I am pretty involved on campus. I am the Vice President of Creative Services at WTOP-10, the student-run Television Station on campus. I am also a Video Producer at Lakeside Media, which is a video production company on campus. This job is a great opportunity to gain professional working experience, as well as a nice paycheck every here and there. Additionally, I was an RA for two years at Scales Hall and Funnelle Hall. This was a truly amazing experience, and I would encourage it for anyone who is interested. Another highlight of my Oswego tenure was enrolling in the Hollywood POV Program, where classmates and I traveled to Los Angeles for ten days and visited various sound stages, sets, and alumni in the entertainment industry. I will most likely go into more detail about this program in another post, but it was truly exhilarating.

If you have any questions for me or want to learn more about any of my experiences, let me know! I love helping prospective students or those trying to get more involved on campus.

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