The 411

One summer class down and the swan song on math in undergrad. Not too shabby huh? What have I been doing in this past week since class ended absolutely nothing. This is the first true break for me since the spring semester began, yeah travel back that far.

Alright, I may not have been being a complete summer bum, I just took out three books on loan from Penifield. Two by James Baldwin and one by David Benioff writer of the 25th Hour famously turned into a Spike Lee directed Movie, he also wrote the screen play for The Kite Runner and Troy. I figure three books is a enough to keep me pleasantly busy while allowing my mind to recuperate for the way I repeatedly put it through the grinder over these last 5 months. I’ve also been trying to make my way down to the lake as often as I can while the weather is nice and at the risk of this sounding like a profile , I’ve been doing some bike riding around town as well.

At this point I may be enjoying summer days more than my friends. Everyday feels like a gift. One part of Oswego that is so underrated is the summer . We always hear about the snow, the strong wind gust and of course the sunset but summer is the town’s best kept secret. I have made it a goal of mine to share all of the different things that can be done for fun during the summer but I need to be selfish just a while longer.  Think of it as a finders fee.

Anyway I need to resume to this summer relaxation but don’t fret you’ll be seeing (hint hint) somethings from me pretty soon. Until then as Rob would say ” let that boy cook!”

Enjoy your summer day everyone,


Let’s Catch Up


It has been a while since I’ve really gotten into the flow of  things. Not to worry I am back and fully functioning. Took a much needed break. You know how hectic things can get for a college student. Hopefully to the demise of you the reader (just admit you miss me). With so much time passing , comes so much news.

This past semester I went through a lot. I grew a lot , I experienced a lot. I am grateful for it all , maybe not while it occurred or soon after, and truthfly there are issues I am still trying to resolve. However my new outlook has led me to be grateful for it all. Rain, sleet, Oswego sized snow days and sun. Whatever the problem I may be experiencing in the end will be worth the journey.

Success has found its way to me this year. This past spring semester I was inducted into the Lambda  Pi Eta National Honor Society of Communications. It was a pleasant surprise because although it has been my goal since day one of Oswego to receive academic recognition I never set out for this one in particular. Which made the induction and initial nomination that much more of an honor. I learned that when you take care of your business , stay focused on the goal at hand, the blessings will come. Also it never hurts to be able to send your parents a quick picture of you holding a Honor Society Certificate , all dressed up, with a great big smile with the caption “Hey mom just in case you thought I was going to Thirsty Thursdays every week.”

So all in all there has been a lot to occur. My birthday was exactly a month ago to the date( old & gray) , I received stitches for the first time (a lesson learned from that!), celebrated BSR (woop woop!), became Mr. BSU(check me out), My niece is 7 months and teething (poor baby sister).

As hectic as that may seem. I am still busy at work up here in Oswego. I’m taking summer classes, looking for employment, working on a possible intership/shadow position, and experiencing all that Oswego has to offer in the summer time (besides allergies and a sinus infection).

Rest assure though , we will be in touch!


Busy Bee in NYC

Although I feel more like an actual New Yorker the longer I’m in NYC, I’ve still done a decent job of hitting up tourist locations. Since I can’t share a lot about what I’m doing at work, here’s a sneak peak into my life outside of magazines!

First and foremost, I’m still a fitness guru at heart and it’s always been on my bucket list to go running in Central Park. I’m always so envious whenever I see people in their jogging pants and sneaks, just trucking around the reservoir like they do any other day. I realized that my time here was quickly running out, so I laced up my sneaks and hit the pavement in the cold 35-degree weather, looking just like any other local.

And let me tell you, the views were worth it.

While I wasn’t in NYC for it, I was lucky enough to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra live. My mom and step-dad bought tickets for my three brothers, sister and I for Christmas, so we were all able to experience some awesome musicianship together. The pyrotechnics they used throughout the show covered the price of the ticket alone.

Once I was back in NYC, my boyfriend, Dustin, came to visit, as did my ASME friends and future roommates, Libby and Victoria to celebrate the new year. We made sure to hit up plenty of restaurants along the way, including my favorite Mexican restaurant, La Esquina. If you’re ever in the city, I highly recommend you try it. Insider tip: It’s a big place for celebrity spottings, so you have to reserve two to three weeks in advance.

We also made sure to hit up Tom’s Restaurant, famous for it’s recurring presence in Seinfeld.

I walk by this retro-looking diner every day on my walk home from work as well, so I tested out an Italian meatball sub and french fries at the Metro Diner, too. It was my first time having fries in over six months, but these were delicious!

Dustin and I also ventured around Times Square and took advantage of the M&M factory because he had never been. After we were hopped up on sugar, we played in Toys R Us. I tried to ride the ferris wheel, but you had to pay, plus the line was really long and full of little kids. I settled for a huge lollipop from the Willy Wonka side of the store instead.

And to prove I do super-cool things for my job, I took Dustin to a Harlem Globetrotters game! We were able to go to the VIP party and eat dinner with the players before the game. The Globetrotters worked with us on an article to help make a girl’s dream come true — she always wanted to play with the wacky team, so we made her dreams a reality! Check out a spring issue of FITNESS to read all about it.

What fun things have you done over winter break? Are you ready to head back to school?

Back to the Concrete Jungle

For those of you who don’t know, this past summer I participated in an internship program through the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME), which is a highly competitive 10-week program that selects 24 college juniors from across the country to work at well-known magazine companies in New York City and Washington, D.C. Only 10 percent of those who applied were accepted in 2010.

Did I mention it was paid, too?

That may not seem like a big deal to some, but for those struggling in the journalism field, we know how precious it actually is. Unpaid magazine internships are hard enough to land — paid mag internships? Well, you rarely hear of that these days, especially in such a struggling economy.

So, in the beginning of June I packed my bags and moved into a quaint NYU dorm nestled right in the heart of Greenwich Village. I had the time of my life, met amazing people and got to do the work I love every single day at FITNESS magazine. Life couldn’t get any better.

Then I came back to Oswego for my senior year. This semester has been a struggle, to say the least. I’ve been taking extremely demanding classes (but learning a lot!), working as a public relations student manager and a personal trainer at the fitness centers, blogging here and for my fitness blog, The Pulse, and I launched the Ed2010 chapter at Oswego State.

So what’s on the agenda for winter break? You’d think it would be a lot of relaxation, sleeping in and watching mindless television, right? Wrong. Instead, I’m not giving myself a vacation. Right after my finals are finished Monday, I’m packing my bags once more and heading back to the concrete jungle!

Fortunately, the editors at FITNESS were impressed with my work ethic and the quality of work I presented to them on a daily basis (at least, this is what they told me). I’ve kept in touch with quite a few of them while continuing my studies here in Oswego, and as it got closer to winter break, I asked the Executive Editor, Pam O’Brien, if they would be interested in taking me back on the staff while I’m out of school. She, along with the editors she spoke with about it, said yes right away! It felt really good to be accepted back so quickly because it made me feel as though I really left my mark. So in less than a week, I get to reclaim my old desk and resume working at a magazine I absolutely love.

But that’s not all.

As if it couldn’t get any better, right? Starting in January, I will begin a second job while in NYC. I’ll work for FITNESS three days a week and the remainder of the week I will work for The Association of Magazine Media, formerly known as the Magazine Publishers of America (MPA), to assist with their National Magazine Awards. Not to mention I’ll be working alongside one of my good friends, Nina Fortuna, every day I’m there. Once again, it’s a paid position, so both jobs will definitely help me work toward the permanent move to the city in six months.

So keep your eyes peeled for blog posts about all of my activities while I’m back in the city, readers! I’ll be talking about the goings-on at the mag and MPA, and my experiences of living on the Upper West Side. I rented a room from a student who is traveling over break, and will have two other roommates, so I’m sure there will be adventures to share!

Have you ever done a winter internship? What are your plans for this break?

Home is Where the Heart Is

I just got back from Thanksgiving break, and as cliche as it sounds, I must say that I wish break hadn’t flown by so fast. I’ve loved being at school and taking more steps to get me closer to the career I want, but sometimes I just really miss my family. I haven’t been home for more than three weeks all year, so I was grateful that I was able to spend time with a lot of family members over break.

However, I didn’t head straight home for break. Instead, I traveled through Boston, all the way up to Manchester, N.H. My mother’s entire side of the family, all of whom I’m really close with, live around Manchester and I always make a point to visit at least once a year. Thanksgiving break was my time to visit this year. I stayed at my Aunt Sue and Uncle Dave’s house throughout the week, but was lucky enough to see every family member.

Tuesday was just a day of traveling, so I didn’t do much more than hang out around the house. My friend, Kait, was awesome enough to offer me a ride from Oswego to Worcester, which is right outside of Boston. Then her parents became even more amazing and offered to drive me the whole way to Manchester so that I wouldn’t have to take a bus.

Wednesday became the special day between my Aunt Sue and I. Nicknamed her “special girl,” we hit the mall for some shopping, grabbed lunch and margaritas at Shorty’s, one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, and went to the movies to see Love and Other Drugs. In case you were wondering, it’s a must-see movie.

I also had breakfast with my Grammy and caught up with my old friend, Nick, after the movie at Applebee’s. I’ve known him since we were little kids, but we often only see each other once a year and talk the rest of the time via Facebook or text messaging, so it was nice to catch up in person again.

Thursday was Thanksgiving! My uncles, aunts, baby cousin Devyn, Grammy and I went to Hart’s Turkey Farm, a restaurant famous for their turkey dinners. It was delicious! I followed my Surviving Thanksgiving Dinner guidelines too and ate rather healthy. Unfortunately, my family then surprised me with a birthday cake (apparently my birthday is a week-long celebration), which totally de-railed any healthy eating habits I had going. Not to mention I wasn’t expecting it at all, so my face turned about 10 shades of red.

I spent Friday with my cousin Joclyn, who shares a special bond with me because she’s exactly 10 years younger than me (Well, her birthday is the day before mine, but it’s close enough). I bought her a “Fight Like A Girl” T-shirt that Colleges Against Cancer was selling this year to benefit the American Cancer Society, and we both had black boots, so she loved the fact that we could dress up as twins for a day.

I headed over to my Aunt Carol’s on Saturday, where I got to have a second round of Thanksgiving dinner with her, her boyfriend Jim, my mom, step-dad, and my little brother, Scott. Once again, I followed my Survive Thanksgiving Dinner tips and ate a delicious yet healthy meal!

We also had family game night, and the girls kicked butt in Catchphrase for three rounds. I also won a round of Apples to Apples, but my Aunt Carol and Jim were able to claim a round, too. Scott put up a valiant effort each time, but was unable to clinch a title like he usually does.

I spent all of  Sunday traveling on a bus, which wasn’t fun because my phone decided to call it quits about two minutes after I boarded. Fortunately, I had my boyfriend’s phone number memorized and was able to get to a pay phone so he could pick me up safe and sound. And when I got back to Oswego, the view was definitely worth it.

How was your Thanksgiving break? Did you experience any memorable moments?

They Call Me “Mellow Yellow”

Actually, nobody’s ever called me “Mellow Yellow”. Quite the contrary actually…

I’m a junior Broadcasting and Mass Communication major, and I’m really interested in taking on a Journalism minor as long as that is still feasible! Last summer, I worked as a Laker Leader for New Student and Family Orientation programs. I loved the experience, and I think it’s safe to say that the summer of 2009 was one of my best!

I’ve worked with Sports Information at SUNY Oswego for the past two years, which included working with the Men’s and Women’s hockey teams, as well as announcing the women’s softball games. As a softball player for thirteen years, announcing the home games reminds me how fortunate I was to play softball for so long and be successful at it. I also was a cheerleader in high school, and was avid in the Jazz Choir, as well as the Oswego State Singers during my freshman year at Oswego. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to sing. It’s something that I have always turned to no matter what.

I’m from a pretty big town on Long Island called Smithtown, and I’m the baby of the family in my house. My older sister Kristina graduated from Siena College in Albany NY in 2008, and my brother Carlo graduated from the University at Buffalo this past May. I’ve got a wonderfully wet-nosed fluffball of a poodle at home who does the “Cha-Cha-Cha” for treats and can jump from one person to another. You’ll hear about her more later on, I’m sure!

I also play guitar in my spare time, and I like to putz around on the piano when I’ve got the time, but I’m self-taught in both. I think that music is one of the most influential ways of expression for me because it gives me this secure and non-judgmental channel to say what I want to say. Maybe someday I’ll muster up the courage to play in front of a large crowd, but for now, my cheerleader bear and my studio mic are my most captive audiences…. 🙂

Getting ready to celebrate the earth!

Mother Earth Week is coming up NEXT WEEK AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

On a sidenote: I’m stressing out right now. Amidst my several articles due for JLM 310 and 309, papers for Eng 220, exams for Fre 202, homework for GLS 316, upcoming concert and voice lessons for MUS 497, events to organize/publicize for JLM 495, AND putting together a whole week of environmental awareness events = I am trying to remember to eat and sleep!

I overbook myself, but it’s an addiction because I love being busy from 7 a.m. to 11/12 p.m. every day. It’s a curse I tell ya. But, something tells me that this will all amount to something in the end, so I’ll keep at it.

Bitching aside, are you ready to love ya Motha? Mother Earth Week starts next Saturday at 10:30 a.m. by Mary Walker Health Center where we will be walking along the lakeshore east and west of the building, cleaning up loads of plastic and general trash. That’s just the start. Sunday is our prep/have fun with Indian color festival pigment battle day. That should be fun… the rest of the events are online at our Web site: Students for Global Change.

Two things I wanted to highlight, though were the environmental panel and Oswegostock.

The environmental panel (check the event page on Facebook) is on Tuesday, April 20th at 7 p.m. in Lanigan 104. The point of this panel discussion is to spread the awareness about particular, multidisciplinary sides of climate change and the move toward sustainability. We have professors from the psychology, chemistry and political science departments addressing issues from each of their respective disciplines.

Dr. Kestas Bendinskas, a very active scientist who studies the impacts of coal gasification and such, will address the science aspect of climate change.
Dr. Lisa Glidden is a political science teacher who will talk about existent and future energy policies and the different global policies on the environment.
Dr. Dave Sargent will address the issues of behavioral changes to adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle. He will address issues behind the psychology of climate change and sustainable life as a whole.

I will sit on the panel too as a moderator and move the conversation along while addressing and student questions there are.

The second event that I wanted to talk about is Oswegostock! This will be the most exciting festival you’ve been to ever, better than the orignal Woodstock!!!! Okay.. maybe not, seeing as how there won’t be any drugs or alcohol floating around the event. But, nonetheless. this will be an event to remember.

During Oswegostock, we will have several bands playing sets while we partake in arts and crafts, food, and games. There’ll be frisbee games, bubble making, tie-dyeing, eco-friendly craft making, and anything else you would like to do. THIS ISN’T A HIPPIE EVENT! It is meant to bring together the Oswego community where people will be enjoying good music and listening to speakers on the environment.

So, with all that said, I won’t bore you anymore! Come out and enjoy Mother Earth Week. E-mail me at for more information or visit our Web site at

Spring Break

I think that my prediction near the end of the first semester regarding second semester flying by is definitely coming true. We are already halfway through, and now, we’re going home for spring break. When we come back, we have approximately two months until the semester is over, and we go home for the summer. It’s unbelievable how quickly this semester is going and ultimately how quickly this entire year has gone.

I’m not planning on doing anything extremely special over spring break. I’m not going anywhere, but I am pretty happy just to be going home and seeing my friends again. It always seems like so long in between breaks. For example, I started college in August, as we all did, and then I went home for an extended weekend in October, and between August and October (which was less than two months), it had felt like a year. I seemed like I had been away from home for so long.

Oddly enough, when I was home (before college even started), a part of me really wanted to leave and to start college, pepping me with “you got to get out of here!” It’s different now; now, I love going home. My brother can’t understand it, but he’s a really awesome brother, and I get so I miss him, and I miss my friends, like I’ve said. I also miss my bedroom. I miss having time that you’re not doing homework. There are a lot of benefits.

Maybe if anything interesting happens over break, I’ll update all of you. Otherwise, enjoy your break!

SUNY Oswego Career Connections

On Tuesday I went to the career connections event at the Fashion Institute of Technology sponsored by SUNY Oswego. This was my second time attending this event. I went last year as a junior and this year I went as a senior. Many would think that you should be able to go only once, but I would always recommend to go as many times as you could and as many career events as possible. Even though the event has the same format of gaining connections I didn’t gain the same knowledge and information as before. Last year what I took from the event was the importance of being ready and preparing to move forward. Understanding that if I want to experience growth in opportunity I would have to go after it and learn as much as I can. Even though I still had a year left before graduation last year I made sure to find connections especially in terms of internships; and I did.

On the LIRR

This picture was taken by a close friend of mine. I had not seen her all vacation and what a coincidence to bump into her on the train as I was on my way to Fox studios.

At career connections one of the best aspects is that they offer opportunities to various interest and majors for personal site visits to major organizations and businesses. For example last year I was able to attend a panel discussion and tour of ABC, NY studios with several alumni. This year I attended the Fox, NY studios tour. Each chance to view the studios was a great opportunity to see how these studios operate and all the work and behind the scenes aspects of these major companies provided me with great incite. This opportunity has aided in demonstrating to me that this is where I want to be.

I must admit that attending events like this had always shifted my goals and plans either a lot or just a tad. I would say this isn’t a bad occurrence for me and that I actually find it to be helpful. I learned that this is a process of “re-visioning”, re-visioning what it is that I want to be and where I want to go. This process is a great sift that has always pushed me to determine what’s my hearts desire and where my passion really lies. Attending these kinds of events has allowed me to discover my career options, graduate school choices and options, and internship possibilites as well. Despite having increased optimism I can’t ever say I knew or know exactly what and where I want to go, yet I still have a great direction of where I’m heading. That sounds weird huh? I’m sure many of you can relate.


Overall, each year I am impressed by the outpour of support from alumni that contribute their time and effort to this event. It has been great to see the produced outcome of individuals who were once where I am working to be something much greater. Observing them has continually showed me that I can also be just as successful and that it really could be me. I realized that the harder I work and the more I work toward my goals next time it will be me. I just would like to thank all the alumni and all those involved in putting this event together because it has helped me tremendously in addition to hundreds and hundreds of other students as well, if not more certainly.

“At some point, your prepardness and the prepardness of the world will coincide and bingo! You’re an overnight success.”Marcia V. Keizs, PH.D, President, York College

Away.. Sweet.. Away

It’s a brand new year with a fresh start to see what exciting adventures turn up. This is one of the times I live for as a college student; WINTER BREAK! Well not just winter break but any break that I can get away from the busyness. I say that harshly but it’s not meant to be taken that way. Usually for me winter break has been a time to relax after a long semester of work and lots and lots of juggling between working, classes, writing papers until wee hours of the dawn,  and burning the mid-night oil doing countless other projects for class. Not to mention I have to stay afloat socially so lets not forget the parties, events, and dinners.

The break gives me sometime to reflect on how I can do better on the next term. I enjoy the times of complete “nothingness”. I’m sure many can relate to this as just being those times where you do absolutely nothing but just simply rest and relax. The winter break last between 5-6 weeks and I must admit for myself and many other people I know after the first week and a half most people are urging to head back to Oswego. For me it has just been the experience of needing my own territory and separation from my home environment back to my newly acquired life and lifestyle in Oswego as many others can provide testimony to as well.

It hasn’t been the idea to just jump back into doing the busyness again but just getting back to the way of life when having a good time with my friends during the weekend, being able to stop by someone’s residence hall to play pool or just chat for hours about life or future aspirations.

The break also gives me a chance to catch up on television and new and old releases out on DVD because I hardly ever get a chance to watch any of that when in session at Oswego. With that said Im actually going to go see what I can look to watch now. I plan to hang out in New York City tonight. I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!