4 Ways to Wake Up Without Coffee

Coffee is absolutely a fantastic. If you are feeling tired, lazy and need that boost, all you have to do is stop at Fans and get yourself some coffee to give you that boost you need in the morning. I used to drink coffee every single morning, french vanilla with skim milk and one sugar to be more specific. I started to notice that I was not able to function without that morning stop to Dunkin and decided that I did not want one cup of coffee to determine my mood in the morning. Also I went from a small cup to the biggest one they had so I figured it is not okay to be drinking that much coffee in the morning. So I did some research and after all my browsing and experiments I narrowed it down to 5 ways to waking up in the morning without a cup of coffee.

1. Sunlight

  • Sleeping in a completely dark room is great but keeping those curtains open will bring in natural light and science says the sun’s rays will help you wake up. I do sleep with my curtains open and its true! As soon as the sun comes up I usually beat my alarm clock and wake up. Also, the sun light is kinda just annoying so I get up because of that.

2. Take a cold shower

  • This is a savage way to do it but a quick little cold shower will wake you right up. If you do not want to put your whole body through the misery, you can just give your face a quick splash of cold water.

3. Workout

  • Believe it or not a nice workout will start your day off great! Anytime I get a chance I like to get a workout in the morning, exercise will help your blood flow circulate and get you moving.

4. Make a great playlist

  • Create an upbeat playlist to help give you an instant energy boost. Plus dancing has been shown to help keep you alert and we all know everyone likes to dance in private.

Why Oswego?

When I decided to leave the Army and go back to school I had a very big decision to make, where college should I go to? So I did the normal thing and applied to a bunch of big schools like Syracuse, Rutgers, ASU and so on. I only knew about Oswego because of a girl I was dating at the time. I will not lie, the big schools were pretty awesome but at the time were very overwhelming. I still had a decision to make and decided to take a tour at Oswego and right off the jump I met great people who are still my best friends till today and met many more people along the way. Oswego is the perfect small college to go to, everyone is approachable and are willing to have a good time with you no matter what. I chose Oswego because of the students who go to Oswego, all it takes for everyone to enjoy it is to go out there and socialize. So next time someone makes that weird face when you say you go to Oswego State, tell them to come out for a visit because I at one point was making a weird face when people told me they went to Oswego State. Go Lakers!