In The Winter We Can Build a Snow Man

           A lot has happened this week, classes have picked up, my free time has evaporated faster than acetone in a sauna, the year of the rabbit has come and it snowed like crazy. As you could have guessed this is about the latter. Now I don’t have any pictures yet, because someone want to take forever sending them, but me and a friend made an awesome snow man and If you have never made one before It is a ton of work. To give you an idea I was sweating in sub zero temperatures, but It was all worth it to see this amalgam of air and ice take some human form. I think it is a good analogy for college, we work as hard as we can now and we think of the big picture so that when were done we can take our myriad of classes and turn them into a fulfilling career.

The Wonderful Land Of OZ

             Its been a fast, akward week adjusting back into the swing of Oswego life. The waking up for classes, wadeing through snow, buying tons of candy and ramen from walmart, and seeing old friends. Though all these things may sound great, getting throught the first week is only like taking a step out side in a hail storm. Dispite what lies ahead I am off on a good foot. I can manage my work load so that it doesnt snowball out of control if I stay on this yellow brick road I can make it.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

             Yes, it’s that time of year again. The time were even the obnoxious neighbors are hold up in there room, and the bars have to come up with a new way to pay their bills. “For what” you may ask, Finals. Though some classes may be more lax than others there is still so much to study for. Though you may feel like its time to exhale but I would suggest you don’t get too elated since finals week is the time that defines whether you get the chance to come back next semester. Though it may seem like college lore, there are quite a few people who don’t come back and they are not always the worst students. Even the upper classmen aren’t immune to the wrath of finals; though there previous grades act as a buffer they have a higher GPA requirement. So, for freshmen I want to say especially study hard get some sleep and good luck (you got this far).

Flirting With Danger

              Though I realize that the next few years are going to entail progressively harder work I still tend to bite off more than I can chew, inside and outside of class as well. This is because it is really the only way to test your limit. You have to walk the razors edge between satisfaction and disaster. Though it may sound like pure vanity, its not. However you do need a lot of confidence to flirt with danger though too much can leave you in a worse position than not having the audacity to push your self. 

            I think that this delicate tango between you and danger makes a person know when they should lead, when to watch there toes, and even more unnerving take a calculated risk and let fate lead. And I know it may sound crazy putting myself through hell to push the limits of my chemistry capacity and it is, but people do crazy things when there in love.

Enduring like Atlas

          It has been a short break and as much as I would like to expound about all the sleep I got, all the food I ate or all the work I tried to avoid I have to buckel down and get all my work done.

          Although the break seems like an all too lucid dream it serves as a reminder that although you may be away from family and friends they remember you and wish only the best for you. This reminder should be used as a shot of adeniline to keep us going in the weeks to come and give us a little leverage on our unweildy mountian of work.

Is The Vacation Here Yet

          With the break approaching soon Its been increasingly difficult to drag myself from class to class. But there is only one more week until it begins and I can’t wait to just get a brake from class, from work and just the inescapable rut of my schedule. I need break from weekends full of work, and studying. I need a vacation. The word (vacation) alone gives me some fuel to hang in there another week, though I do doubt just how well I’ll be hanging in. Some times I think that classes test more than just your knowledge but your endurance. Of the few classes that you take you’ll love you have to stomach many more that you could hope to avoid. Although it may not seem as bad at the begging, that tea spoon of sugar doesn’t always make the medicine go down as easy as you would like. Though I guess that’s a part of becoming an adult, biting the bullet and enduring. Though the finish line may seem miles away I implore you to dig in to your reserves to drag yourself across that finish line.

Puck Flattsburgh 5:3 Victory

          Its been a good week, I made it through my gauntlet of exams, papers, and work practically unscathed. I even had the time to see the Plattsburgh game. If you don’t know just how momentous the occasion is let me just say tickets sold out the first day, and the line to get in to the game was out the doors of Poucher two hours before the game. Its the game people whisper about after the game because they’ve gone horse from all the cheering jeering and excitement. It makes me think about the almost symbiotic relationship that rivals have. They strive to be better than they are by training harder, enduring longer and galvanizing there resolve all to be 1% better than their rival. This rivalry seems to improve skills exponentially compared to having friendly competition, or setting a lofty goal of beating the best (these would improve skills as slowly as power functions, if you math majors were curious). Oswego crushed Plattsburgh this time but it only means they are going to train that much harder and we’ll see how hungry they are for victory. But until then “Puck Flattsburgh”.


         Its been a long week and from here on in they only get longer. I have been swamped completely with studying for exams and writing research papers feels like all I do is work even now as I write this at 3 in the morning I’m preparing for all the work I have to do tomorrow. I’m starting to feel less and less in control of the work and more like I’m just rolling with the punches. I think back to freshman year and I wonder what in the world was I complaining about my work load is so much more demanding. I really hope that I’ll be able to keep my work load more or less the same because junior year is starting to seem like pure insomnia. I do have good news though I was accepted to my class overseas, now just need ~2,000$ by january and I’ll be good (I’m taking donations). Hopefully I’ll be able to write better and earlier next week but until then excuse my bad prose and grammar (im tired) and don’t be mad I ended my sentence with “a preposition”.

Test and Spice Galore

          Saturday once again and I couldn’t be happier. My math exam is behind me and I have a few days to prepare for my physics. Chemistry clubs activity night for children when well and I even got to take a practice GRE (that wasn’t so good). On a more positive note Chromium cook, the cooking competition brought to you by the chemistry club, starts on the 24th. The teams compete in the Hewitt union kitchen with only an hour and 15 minuets to prove their skills, and as if that wasn’t hard enough they also have to utilize a secret ingredient. So this should turn out to be an action packed weekend.

P.S We kicked butt in hockey again this week!