Oswego Dining

Usually you hear that college food is gross when it comes to the dining hall; here at SUNY Oswego, that is not the case. Each dining hall has a deli, the special food of the day, salad bar, cereal, and dessert options. There are a variety or dining halls for you to pick from: Lakeside, Cooper, Pathfinder, and Littlepage. Each dining hall specializes in something unique.



Lakeside dining hall is located on lakeside and is connected to Johnson Hall. Lakeside specializes in Chinese food. Chinese is strictly served Sunday through Wednesday. You can pick from the daily special, or have the dining hall make you a special plate custom to your liking. Lakeside also has pizza and bread-sticks, you circle on a piece of paper what you want, whether it be garlic/cheese sauce, pepperoni, broccoli, onions, or more, and they make it specially for you. Latenight is also offered here.



Cooper dining hall is located in main campus, and is connected to heart hall. Cooper is well known for its ice cream bar. While their are certain nights where ice cream is offered in every dining hall, Cooper is where you would go if you want a great ice cream sundae. They usually offer at least 6 different flavors with unlimited toppings of your choice. Like lakeside, Cooper also has a pizza station. Late night is also offered here.


Pathfinder is located in west campus, connected to Cayuga and Seneca Hall. At Pathfinder, depending on the day, you can get quesadillas, flat bread pizzas, or panini. You can get anything from sour cream, guacamole, salsa, chicken, cheese, and more on your quesadilla. Pathfinder offers a wide range of options for flat bread pizzas and paninis including buffalo chicken, pesto chicken, roasted pepper and chicken, and more. Pathfinder also allows you to order burgers, hotdogs, grilled chicken, bacon, onion rings, and french fries at the grill.


Even though littlepage has a salad bar, they offer a special salad of the day. The special of the day can range from chicken cesar, mexian, ham and cheese, and more. You tell them what you would like in the salad and they make it for you in seconds. Littlepage is also opened for late night.

Places around campus:


There are many places around campus where you can use your Oswego dining dollars to get a quick meal or snack. This is a smoothie called Lean Machine at FANS in the Marano Campus Center. There are many other places around campus where you can get a things such as a bagel, buffalo chicken sandwich, yogurt, chicken fingers, and more.

As you can see, when it comes to Oswego dining there’s always something to choose from. Each dining hall is unique in its own way and it makes Oswego cuisine very diverse and interesting instead boring and dull. SUNY Oswego also has an app available in the app store called “SUNYOswego” where you can look up what the dining halls are serving for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Oswego dining truly has great options.

Freshman Year: My first week

I’m severely homesick. I miss my dad’s incredible home cooked meals, talking to my mom, having my own space to myself, stressed out about classes, and all people keep saying is, welcome to college. Ironically, I’m actually having a lot of fun. I’m learning to transition into my new college life; even though it’s a lot different then what I’m used to I definitely do not want to go home. Thankfully, my two sisters, Shannon and Mairead also attend SUNY Oswego, so that helps not being to home sick. The food in the dining hall isn’t that bad, not as good as my dad’s cooking, but I don’t think anything is as good as his. There are always so many different things to choose, from salads to quesadillas to wraps to pizza, you’ll never be left with an empty stomach. THANK GOD for FaceTime, my mom and I FaceTime religiously, everyday, when we’re not were texting of course. Sure I miss having my own room along with my extremely comfy bed at home but, thankfully, my roommate and I get along great and have more then enough room for all of our things! After going to all my classes, of course I’m a little stressed out and nervous about doing well my first semester, but this is college, of course it’s going to be hard.


(Pictured from left to right: Erin, Shannon, Mairead)

So, hello, my name is Erin Hanson, this year I will be blogging about my experiences as a freshman at SUNY Oswego. I grew up on Long Island in Islip, NY with my two sisters Shannon and Mairead. We have always been very close and consider each other best friends, which is one of the reasons why we all decided to attend Oswego together. Shannon, a junior here at Oswego, is a Communications major with a Public Relations minor, once she starts talking it’s hard to get her to stop. Mairead, my twin and also a freshmen, is a Wellness Management major with a Nutrition minor, she is the biggest health freak ever. And for me, I’m an Accounting major! After taking business classes in high school I knew I definitely wanted to do something in the business field. Then, in my senior year of High School I took an accounting class and knew that was exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I’ve always loved math, numbers, calculations, and I’m honestly excited to learn more! I promise it’s not as boring as you probably think it is. Oswego has many majors available to study from, and with my sisters and I all in different areas of interest, we’re all lucky to be able to go to a great school with variety of different majors.