What’s Next?

Last Wednesday, the PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) hosted a program titled “What’s Next?” Three Oswego Alumni were invited as guests to answer questions concerning life post-grad. The alumni were visibly eager and open to sharing their experiences. The alumni told their stories of adjusting to life post-college, looking for a job, and making the best of your time in college.

I’ll mostly focus on their advice while in college more than post graduation, as I feel it’ll be more helpful to the audience reading this.

One of the thing the alumni stressed was the importance of utilizing the university’s sources to get internships. One of the alumni guest said he was able to be hired right out of college because of his internship connections. The school is constantly throwing opportunities at your feet, it’d be in your best interest to take advantage of them.

Another piece of advice was to take classes that either further aid your major or just plain interest you. One alumni said she took a course simply because it intrigued her, and to her surprise she was able to utilize the knowledge gained in that class and further expand on it in her current job. One also highlighted the importance of taking your Capstone course seriously.

Lastly, the alumni advised students to “know your worth” Whether that means taking much needed time to relax or taking yourself out of un-beneficial situations such as a job/club/class/relationship or etc. Knowing your worth will always lead you in the right direction in life.

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