Oz Org of the Week # 2 The Women’s Center

The Women's Center at SUNY Oswego against a colorful backdrop









The Oz Org Of the Week is a  social media campaign where clubs and organizations can featured on the campus’s social media channels. To be featured as the Oz Org of the Week all one has to do is drop me an email at kdamoah@oswego.edu.

Our second #OzOrg feature is  The Women’s Center At SUNY Oswego. The Women’s Center is an organization in SUNY Oswego that advocates for the equality of all gender’s and identities across the board.  The members of The Women’s Center are making it their mission to build up to a society that does not discriminate individuals on their difference starting with SUNY Oswego.

The members of this organization aim to move forward with their mission by putting on programs that are made to either dispel  discriminatory/ stereotypical myths  or advocate for  minority groups .

Some programs The Women’s Center have coming up are-

Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts – October 12th,  7 PM, MCC Food Court   

A fund raiser for domestic violence while playing a game including presidents from other organizations.

Take Back The Night – October 24th, 6 PM -8PM                                                                             

Rally and March advocating for domestic violence survivors!

The Women’s Center is open and welcoming to everyone . If you want to contact or have any questions for The Women’s Center email them at WomensCenterOswego@gmail.com.

Please show The Women’s Center some support and follow them on-

Instagram – @womenscenteroz

Snapchat – @zwomenscenter

Twitter- @ozwomencenter





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