Fun Things to do at SUNY Oswego

Are you sitting alone in your dorm room, bored and wondering why you have nothing to do except go to class and do homework? Well that’s because you probably don’t know that there are over 250 clubs and organizations to be apart of right here on SUNY Oswego’s campus! I am not going to name them all because we would be here for a while…but I will provide you with 10 clubs and organizations you probably didn’t know existed! If none of those interest you you can find the full list at

Here we go…

1. Adopt A Grandparent
This organization is a good one to get involved with if you are looking for an opportunity to volunteer and make a difference within the community.

2. Badminton Club
Get out there and show off your badminton skills!

3. College Republicans
If you are interested in politics and would enjoy meeting with your peers to discuss similar interests, then this club might be just right for you.

4. Cut The Craft
Students meet in order to create handmade crafts and enjoy each other’s company.

5. Fishing Club
Have an interest in fishing? Join the fishing club! Improve your fishing skills all while having fun with friends.

6. Math Club
If you love math and want to show of your skills then this would be the perfect club for you! Make sure to add yourself into their equation 🙂

7. Mentor Oswego
Connect with Oswego’s youth and become a role model for them through Mentor Oswego!

8. Oswego State Equestrian Team
This club allows students to pursue their love of riding horses as well as compete at the local and national level.

9. Potterwatch
This club is based solely on a love for Harry Potter. If you can’t get enough of Harry Potter, check out Potterwatch! They hold Harry Potter inspired events and activities in order to raise money for charities related to Harry Potter.

10. Scuba Club
If you have always wanted to become a certified diver then this club is for you! Dive in the local area with both new and experienced divers.

If none of these clubs interest you, don’t worry! Like I mentioned in the beginning, there are many more clubs and organizations where those came from. Be sure to check them out! 🙂

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