Journey to Sydney

Hello, my name is Kadeem I arrived in Sydney two days ago. I came here for an exchange program at the Australian Catholic University, which is better know as ACU.This trip was my first time ever being a passenger on a plane. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, especially being paranoid by watching and listening to the news over the last couple of weeks. I believe the hardest part of my journey was the first takeoff, after that everything else felt completely natural. The only thing I hated about the trip, was the obnoxious amount of chicken and rice the airline served. It was a Chinese airline but still, I had every type of chicken the Chinese diet could offer. The journey included connecting flights in Osaka and Tai pae which made my flight time about 24-hours altogether. I never really knew what 24-hours felt like until this trip, I can remember everything I did within the day I spent flying. I arrived wednesday around 10:30 am not knowing what day it was. Instantly after leaving the airport, I already felt how different this country was from the US. It is winter here but everyone is wearing spring or light clothing. Compared to Oswego weather, this was a summer night. I took a shuttle to a hostel where I have been staying until I get my housing situated. Everyone I have come across is very nice as well as personable. My first day wasn’t actually as bad as I thought it would be. I knew everything in Sydney would be much more expensive probably because the taxes placed on imports, but even toothpaste and a toothbrush ran me $7.  I walked around for a couple of hours to get to know the area, and it is not so different from New York City. The strangest part was crossing the street, which will take some getting used to. Something that is done everyday without thinking must be carefully done because drivers drive on the left .Other than that my first day was very pleasant. I was able to contact all my friends and family, and catch up on some rest.

About the Author

22 Brooklyn, NY Senior at SUNY Oswego Major in Broadcasting Minor in photography I am now a student currently studying abroad at the Australian Catholic University. I will be sharing my photography over the course of the semester.
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