Back to school

Back to school

We all had quite a variety of experiences coming back from our Spring Break. From experiencing child birth on bus rides back here to a quick and relaxing plane ride over. I’ve heard many people having quite an adventure coming back and we can all be thankful we arrived back safely. Now that we’re back, we all have to get back into the mood of getting used to school after a 1 week break. For some it can be rough, with a side of rude awakenings or it can be just another day for those who stayed on campus during the break. Some midterms are unfortunately still going on and we have to be rushed into the mood of studying for them. I have an essay due plus two midterms and a quiz due in this one week, and it feels overwhelming as I find the time to write this blog describing my thoughts.

I am not as stressed as I could have been if I had all my tests due before the break. However, I didn’t quite use my time during the break to study or really get any information from my classes in my mind. I’m surely not the only one who does this, but I do hope to get rid of that habit of procrastinating. Although many of us can work well under pressure, it feels overwhelmingly risky in my opinion. This Sunday was the day we could all notice that people tried to get their last minute homework in and some found out, they couldn’t beat their forced limited time.

The break, for me, was probably one I couldn’t ask to be any better, even though I really didn’t want it to end. Fun times with friends are the best moments you will experience in your life. To be able to share memories with others is the best. I feel like you will be able to smile more often and be happy. This ability could win the battle over the stress and sadness you can evidently feel if you had oops on your homework and study time.

Now that I’m back, I had a mix of feelings being back here in Oswego. The first was the weather difference! Again I almost forgot just how much colder a 10 degree difference feels like here in Oswego compared to New York City. Second, the lights in the hallways are much brighter! It causes my eyes to squint much more when I have to use the restroom in the middle of the night. I do like how I can almost call my hall one of the brightest dorms on campus. Finally, third, the upsetting fire alarms going off. They sure bring back memories. I think we all hope we don’t get caught taking a shower when it goes off. It is probably all of our greatest fears.

I think it is great to be back to be able to spend time and make more memories with friends in here SUNY Oswego. I’m glad to be back and continue pushing on to my goals. Enjoy your time here everyone, it’s definitely worth it.

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