Don’t Procrastinate

              Procrastination is something all of us have a habit of. I have a personal interest in the word only because I know from Latin what the word actually means. When you break it apart you have the word “cras” which means tomorrow. So when you think about it, is tomorrow worth delaying your work for? When you’re in college, we are almost forced to wake up and speed up on getting our work done. We are obviously paying for our studies, so why do we slow down to the very last minute of crunch time or maybe even not do the work at all? Simple, it’s easier. Procrastinating is so easy and it is because we love pursuing the easiness.

Our lives shouldn’t be delayed, but only you can decide the factor of procrastinating. It’s either do the hard work or take the lazier approach and not do the work. Although it helps to be under pressure with a shorter allotted time, it’s still a risky decision to go about that. The workload can only get harder the longer you wait, so you can only thank your professors for probably giving you more time than you should have to complete your papers/projects. There are techniques out there that may sound cheesy but could really help. One of which is one I learned from my Principles of Programming class: The Pomodoro Technique.


There is also the ability to keep a time schedule by actually writing one down rather than keeping one in your head. You have a higher chance of forgetting things you don’t write down than things you do write down. Our brains are very distracted as I learned from Psychology where we can remember what we just learned, but if we were to get tested for it a few hours later, we won’t remember it as well without really studying it over time. Also don’t assume you have the time for everything in a whole day when it comes to hanging with friends, playing tennis for a few hours with your roommate, or spending time on your phone playing games or texting. You shouldn’t assume you’ll have enough time to study after so many activities crunched in a single day before a quiz, exam, or when a paper is due! Be realistic and know what you need to do to change your plans and make space for studying for a good amount of time in your day.

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