Monday Night Trivia

Question MarkIn the recent weeks, I have always had something to look forward to on Monday nights. No, I’m not talking about Monday Night Football, although that can be true as well. I’m talking about Monday night trivia in Cayuga Hall.

Six weeks ago, my RA convinced me to join her team in what would be a six-week trivia competition for residents of Cayuga. I joined, despite never being an expert in trivia questions. I also did not go into the six-week competition believing that I would set the world on fire, either.

Guess what? We lost.

We earned some points along the way, however. Each week, the top scoring team earns three points while second place earns two and third earns one. If you do not place in the top three, you walk away with nothing. At the end of the six weeks, the most points wins. The first four weeks did not go so successfully for us – we never scored a single point. However, the last two weeks, we scored one point each time. Not bad, considering it was not good.

Besides the agony of defeat, it was a fun six weeks. As a freshman, the first stretch of something new can be unsettling, but trivia night allowed me to quickly find a fun activity. I also got to know some people on and off of my team. Plus, late night was always a weekly routine following trivia. We celebrated our losses and small victories with food each and every time.

After six weeks, it is all over. While we did not quite take the championship – we were not even close – trivia will return next semester and give us an opportunity to redeem ourselves.

Watch out, Cayuga. Our team is just warming up.

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