Oswego’s Big Wi-Fi Workout

photoSeptember 18th was a big day around campus and it had nothing to do with college. It was release day of Apple’s new operating system, iOS7.

When midday hit, the Wi-Fi across campus took a beating. Hordes of people began syncing up their phones to receive the highly anticipated update. For the iPhone loyalists out there, this day could not have come soon enough.

If you ask those who downloaded iOS7, they will tell you the process was no easy one. With so many downloading at once, the update took some time – time that many folks did not want to give up. The anticipation was high and the wait was long.

“The download was extremely frustrating and took forever to complete,” Dylan Galusha, a freshman, said. “As soon as it finally was finished, it then told me that I couldn’t install it on my phone, which was very annoying. I had to wait another few hours until it would let me install. It was definitely time consuming.”

It has now been over two weeks since the update went live and people are still eager to discuss the change, just as they were on day one. For many, the new style is refreshing and positive. Still, the opinions of iOS7 are not completely upbeat and perfect.

Laurie Werner, a freshman, has a positive view primarily.

“I think it’s really cool and advanced,” Werner said. “It’s more colorful and it is a lot better than the other iOS versions. This is one of the biggest changes I’ve seen before on the iPhone.”

Some students on campus, like sophomore Lindsey Moses, did not even download the update.

“I heard negative things about it and I kind of like my phone the way it is now,” Moses said.

No matter what the opinions are, iOS7 certainly has been a big topic to those iPhone savvy users on campus. The innovation by Apple has sparked talk on local, national, and international levels.

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Travis Barend is a first year student at SUNY Oswego majoring in Public Relations. In addition to his studies, Travis is a member of PRSSA and is a student blogger for SUNY Oswego's website. Travis enjoys writing about NASCAR racing in his spare time. He has spent the recent years writing for various websites, including Speedwaymedia.com, a website a part of NASCAR's citizen journalist media corps. He also contributes a weekly news column for NASCARTheGame.com, the official website of the NASCAR video game series. Travis also has his own blog, TracksideChatter.com, where he also posts racing content. You can follow Travis on Twitter @TracksideTravis, but be warned. He tweets about NASCAR. A lot.
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  1. The iOS7 has offered a great deal of graphics to the iPhone 5 generation. If you have a iPhone 4 or 4S, like me, iOS7 isn’t used to its full potential. But I see iOS7 hurting the iPhone 4/4S people because it drains the battery of the deceive faster, which the 4S already has awful battery life. Plus with the new iOS 7.0.2 update iMessage chose to not work on older iPhone’s. Currently the only way i can receive messages are by my iPad mini or iMessage on my Mac. All and all I’m not sure if i love iOS7 yet, ill e upgrading to a 5C soon so maybe that will make my experience better .

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