The Asian Student Association (ASA)


The Asian Student Association is one of many very fun clubs you will find in SUNY Oswego. President Thomi Kamilla leads the club with his Executive Boards who are alongside him to help ensure everyone gets to know one another while experiencing engaging events happening throughout your time here at SUNY Oswego!

The ASA welcomes every person of all kinds of ethnicity.  The purpose of the club is to go about informing and educating others about the Asian culture. Get to know us because we want to get to know you. I am proud already to be a part of this club after our first general meeting. Speaking of meetings, they are bi-weekly on Thursdays at the Campus Center in room 210 at 8:00 pm. There are plenty of programs Thomi and the Eboards have planned for every meeting ranging from games, movies, foods, and also community services! According to the Lakerlife website description of the club, “We act as a bridge of connection for others to connect through cultural experiences”. There’s even an event for those of you, including myself who miss or crave Bubble Tea! Members of the ASA enjoy meeting new people and learning other cultures and interests.

Personally, I love having an already good amount of friends made just after the first general meeting, I can’t wait for the next one and many more. Thomi and the Eboards did such great work having us step out of our comfort zone in a fun way that made us get to know at least one thing about everyone attending the meeting. So come join us and most importantly have fun!

-Javier Fernandez

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