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Every college student has been encouraged to get involved and to make the most of their years at school – probably so much so that it may get annoying to hear at times. But people don’t just say this to be nagging; there really are benefits to doing something with your time. Surprise!

Not only is there the opportunity to meet new people and actually become social, there is the likelihood that being involved is…wait for it… fun!

SUNY Oswego offers many opportunities to do something other than eating, sleeping, and studying. As a freshman, it was slightly overwhelming to see all the different clubs and organizations available. How did I know which club would be the right one for me?

I’m a Public Relations major, so I figured the top of my list should be the school’s PR club, the PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America if you have enough breath to say it). I took a look around at the club fair a few weeks ago and signed up for PRSSA. Quite honestly, I didn’t know much about the club when I put my name down, but I figured I would at least give it a shot.

PRSSA is a nationwide organization of students who are groomed in PR to gain more experience and to learn more about the field. Oswego’s group works closely with clients to help publicize and promote events. Members are given opportunities to work in all areas of the broad field, from making fliers to writing press releases and anywhere in between.

I have already attended two meetings (meetings occur every Tuesday evening) and so far, I am feeling good about this group. Not only am I getting a jump start on my PR studies through this club, I am already gaining experience which will only help me as I search for a job down the road.

I am going to make a shameless plug here, but if you are slightly interested in what Public Relations includes, check it out! Even if you think you may not have an interest in what PR has to offer, it wouldn’t hurt to look into it. You might be surprised to find out that this is right up your alley.

Even if it turns out that PR is not your thing, there are plenty of opportunities to become involved on campus. After only a month living here, it is amazing to me that there are so many different clubs for so many different people. A friend of mine, who is a freshman as well, is in the American Marketing Association club to gain experience in his major.

I’m sure there are clubs out there that I am totally unaware of, but are probably perfect for me. In my years here, you can bet I will be looking into as much as I can.

About the Author

Travis Barend is a first year student at SUNY Oswego majoring in Public Relations. In addition to his studies, Travis is a member of PRSSA and is a student blogger for SUNY Oswego's website. Travis enjoys writing about NASCAR racing in his spare time. He has spent the recent years writing for various websites, including, a website a part of NASCAR's citizen journalist media corps. He also contributes a weekly news column for, the official website of the NASCAR video game series. Travis also has his own blog,, where he also posts racing content. You can follow Travis on Twitter @TracksideTravis, but be warned. He tweets about NASCAR. A lot.
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  1. Hi Travis,
    As an e-board member of PRSSA and an involved student on campus, I loved this post! I’m glad you are able to get experience and benefits from being in our club. Encourage all of your friends (especially those interested in PR, marketing, sales, graphic design or advertising) to get involved with PRSSA.

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