As I patiently await my degree in the mail, I often contemplate all the amazing things that I can do with this token for my four years of sleepless nights, extracurricular activites galore and stressful events. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a great time in Oswego, but I think that this book is coming to a close. And although I’ve enjoyed reading, it’s time to move on to a new story.

This is why I chose to move on with my life in grad school. Why not move as far as I can away right? How about Syracuse, right? Well that’s how far I’m going for now, for graduate degree in magazine, newspaper, and online journalism. But what’s next?
After that year, where is my path? Boston? Chicago? California?

One of my best friends and I  joked that we would move to LA, intern at E! News and become the new Kardashians, except we would actually have college degrees.
It’s interesting to have so many possibilities in the dreams that I possess. I could be practical and live at home with my mother in New York City and get a job. This would save money, and NYC has millions of opporunities. But who wants practical? I have a bachelors degree and will have a masters in a year?

I’ve been practical for the past 21 years. Can’t I venture into a spontaneous and irrational goal in the future if I wanted. Now I won’t say I’d fly to LA without a dime in my pocket, but I’ve lived for so long looking at my dream of being an entertainment journalist as a mere dream. But why can’t this dream become reality? I guess reality will let me know in a year.

About the Author

Christopher McPherson is a senior double major in creative writing and journalism. His interests include photography and student involvement.
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2 thoughts on “Post-Grad

  1. Brooooo whats up?
    U dont know me and I dont know u. But My name is Vinicius (can call Vini) and I’m from Brazil. I’m in last year of high school and I wanna to study in Oswego University (International Relation graduate) but I dont have money to pay a graduate in another country. U know if have scholarships for internationals students?


  2. Hey man, I’m not sure, but I will contact the international office at Oswego and ask for you! I’ll call them tomorrow!

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