Who? Anna, That’s who!

My first entry as an official SUNY Oswego blogger? I feel so cool! What’s a better way to start everything than with an introduction. Bear with me because this entry will be extremely cliche!

Hi. My name is Anna. I will be starting my Senior year come Fall 2012 at SUNY Oswego studying Broadcasting and Mass Communication. I am from Brooklyn, New York and am as city as a person can get! I am a member of WTOP10-TV, the student run station on campus. More specifically, I am the current Underwriting Director and more recently I was elected the Editing Director. I am also a Lab Assistant at the Communication Studies Labs. As you can see, I live, eat, and breathe Broadcasting!

I am a typical college student, as lame as that may sound. I sleep, I go to class, I go do my extracurriculars, and I drink lots of caffeinated beverages. Energy Drink, coffee, Tazo tea are my favorites in that exact order.I currently live in the Village, which are the On-Campus townhouses. Next Fall will be my second semester there!

On a personal level, I have a lot of hobbies outside of my academics. I enjoy video games, especially First-Person shooters, comic books, and Panda bears. I am very fond of the color purple and baked goods. (I’m serious, bake me some cupcakes and you’ll probably be my best friend forever..)

Blogging has always been a nice little hobby of mine, and I’m excited to be starting this new adventure!

About the Author

Anna Hu, Senior Broadcasting and Mass Communication student from Brooklyn, NY. Current Underwriting and Editing Director at WTOP10-TV on campus and a Lab assistant in the Lanigan Editing labs.
Email: ahu@oswego.edu
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  1. Anna this is awesome! Congrats 🙂 I’m going to keep up with your senior year this way (sorry if that is creepy)

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