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Hi All!

I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged in months! A lot has happened in derby since November.

We opened our new season with the lovely Albany All Stars A Team in January. This was our first A-Team ever! Our feelings at first? Terrified! But, it turned out to be a great experience with a great group of derby chicks! We won with a final score 204 to 162. I even got to do a whiskey slap with their very own Merry Pain, the coolest/badass ginger on skates. Our team learned a lot from this bout but the main thing was the importance of teamwork. We won that game as a team. We’ve gone up against a lot of competitive teams who have great players with phenomenal agility but working as a team is what’s kept us together.

As for the rest of our season, it starts with our home opener which is this Saturday, March 10th at the Oswego Armory. Best part? We’re playing against a Canadian team! The Kingston Derby Girls should be a great first bout and we’re all excited to play them! I am sad about one thing and that’s that we will be skating short without my sister and cousin. I know they are my family, but they are everyone else’s on the team and they will be missed greatly on the track. But! We will be welcoming some of our newer level 2 players to the track as well as our very own Ms. VonDiesel. I bow my head to you, my friend, for you have worked harder than us all to get where you are today. Muah!

Lastly, the first derby baby will be welcomed to our team this October. YAYYYYY! Congrats again Tim and Amy.

Hope to see you all this weekend! Cheers.

-Lindi (a.k.a Crushed Red Pepper)


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