Gotta Get Free On Friday

Have you ever wanted to speak your mind, scream at the top of your lungs or run around without a care in the world? Yes? Then Free Speech Friday is the place for you. This past friday, Oswego State student Shane Hillman, best known for his megaphone-filled friday afternoons, organized the event, featuring live music, food, games and even magic from Shane himself.

During the event, one could find oneself among an assortment of activities that promoted the idea of the freedom of movement, speech and expression.

Hula-hoops, Twister, and Kan Jam allowed for a freedom of movement, where one could relive their childhood games and let their inhibitions go.  Face painting and the live music of student performers generated the freedom of expression, as well as a positive vibe.

Twisting Their Way to a Fun Time

Just like Friday afternoons in the quad, students were invited to come speak their minds on whatever he or she wanted to talk about. The mood was relaxed and the people were accepting of whatever others wanted to say and also of their ideas.

Just Jammin'

Speaking of ideas, almost every suggestion was fair game. When two girls asked if they could paint a guy’s beard rainbow, he had no hesitations, allowing them to paint the colorful facial hair on his face without worry. This is just one example, but the atmosphere of Hewitt Ballroom that night was just as bright as his beard.

Brighten Up the Beard

The buzz of Free Speech Friday can be attributed to the delicious snacks, including homemade honey popcorn, prepared by Shane. The food was healthy, the music flowing and the smiles a-plenty.

Shane Sharing his Signature Snack

Make sure to check in on Friday afternoons to speak your mind, and chalk your thoughts.

Next week, Thanksgiving! No happenings to be had, but tweet us what you’re thankful for, or maybe a picture of your Thanksgiving dinner!

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