The Three R’s: Rankings, Rivals and Resumes

Out of all the great events here on the Oswego State campus, which one do people go to the most? Men’s Ice Hockey of course! Casual and diehard fans alike turn out to the arena to support the team, which with the 4-2 win over Geneseo Friday and a 7-1 thrashing of Brockport Saturday night, lifts their record to 5-1 for the year.

But with the games comes so much more than hockey. Sure there will be great goals, spectacular shots and bone-crushing hits, but what makes an Oswego State Men’s Hockey game so unique are the series of chants and traditions that students learn after the very first game.

Lakers and Golden Eagles Standing for National Anthems

Right after the face off, a student will start the ever-famous “Let’s Go Lakers” chant. As all veterans know, this chant is said three times. Once by the person who starts it and twice by the rest of the crowd. Three times. Not four, like so many students believe. The rest of the crowd will be silent and you’ll keep cheering. Not a good start to the game.

And then let the heckling begin. Supporting our own team is great, but talking trash about the other team is pretty great too. Say for instance, the opposing player is penalized and put in the box. During his sad skate to the penalty box, the crowd winds up their fist, ready to yell, “See ya, sit down bitch!” followed by a burst of applause.

Want to hear the worst of it? Ask the opposing goalie after a game. Stuck surrounded by ravenous students for two periods, taunts and insults are flung at him faster than slap shots. After he gives up a goal, a frequent occurrence with the Laker’s dynamic offense, the right side of the arena yells his first name, followed by the left side of the arena yelling his last name, followed by the all-common “you suck.”

The Lakers Dominating the Golden Eagles

During the course of the three periods, he’ll be reminded how the goals were all his fault, how his parents are disappointed in him, and frankly, how his sister can play better than him. Only a goalie knows the true torture of an Oswego State hockey game.

Want more inside scoop on the Laker’s domination over the Golden Eagles and everything else Laker hockey? Check out Mike Kraft’s blog.


While the Lakers build up their record, do you want to help build your resume? Then come this Monday to “Everything Internships with the Intern Queen” at the Campus Center Arena where we’ll welcome Intern Queen Lauren Berger.

While attending University of Central Florida, Berger completed 15 internships, rightfully earning her crown as “Intern Queen.”  She has ruled at several elite companies, including MTV, FOX and NBC.

Berger now helps to connect students to internships of their own, including us here at Oswego State. Come hear the message that over 40,000 students, parents and employers have already heard.

The presentation begins at 6 p.m. and will run roughly an hour. Even better, the event is free!

Want to learn more about her? Check out her Twitter or Facebook.

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