Halloween Happenings

This past week was National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, which Lifestyles recognized by distributing “It’s Okay Not To Drink” shirts to students and faculty on Wednesday, Oct. 19th.

Alcohol and Other Drug Coordinator Ted Winkworth first got the idea for the shirts from “straightedge hardcore bands from the 90s.”  When Ted went to a concert, he noticed one of the band members sporting an “It’s Okay Not To Drink” shirt and became influenced by what the band member stood for. Over the years, the shirts gained more and more popularity. The T-shirts became a huge hit last year, forcing Lifestyles to increase the number to reach more students.


This past Wednesday, Lifestyles was bombarded with over 500 students who showed up to get a free shirt.  Students had a choice between pink, black, white and tie-dyed shirts, made by the Lifestyles Peer Educators.  Going beyond the simple, “It’s Okay Not To Drink” logo, Lifestyles created an “I’m This Weird All The Time” lime green t-shirt to suggest that students don’t have to drink alcohol to be themselves and be weird.

Lifestyles hands out these shirts once a semester, so make sure to keep track of #ozhappenings to find out when they will be released next!

What else is going on this weekend you ask?

It’s Human vs. Zombies season and how will all those zombies stay in shape? The first Zombie Crawl of course! Participants will rush to the Midtown Plaza between 5-5:45 Saturday evening to get dolled up for the horror that will ensue at six.

The undead walkers will head to Fort Ontario, to East Ninth Street and down Bridge Street, showing their “beauty” to the public. Following the walk, the party will take over at The Raven, where “Eight Wheels of Death” will be screened, as well as other zombie themed activites.

Get there quick before it fills up, or before all the brains are gone.

For more information, check out the event’s Facebook Page.

Not blood-thursty? Eating brains not your thing? Then come to the Her Campus Oswego Prom Night Friday, Oct. 28th! Dress to impress, or dress to scare with your best halloween get-up. Free food, free coffee and prizes are just three of the many reasons you’ll want to turn out.

The dance begins at 8 p.m. in the Hewitt Ballroom. Best part? It’s totally free.

Check out their Facebook Page and The Flier to find out even more about the Prom.

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Erin Marulli and Jacob Pucci keep the Oz Happenings blog and promote the #ozhappenings Twitter hashtag to promote the range of events that make Oswego a lively campus. Follow: @ozhappeningsOSU to find out more events happening around campus! Also, check out: http://ozhappenings.wordpress.com/.
Email: marulli@oswego.edu
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