To my team- thanks.

You know the saying individually unique, together fabulous? Well i’d say that pretty much sums up my team. Never have i ever participated in a sports team and felt like I belonged until i joined the Oz Roller Girls. It’s not just what every one of us does day in and day out but it’s the personalities of all of us that for some reason makes perfect sense. We all leave our jobs, school, families every Monday and Thursday knowing we’re going somewhere where we can just be who we want to be for two or three hours.

This first bout season brought us all experiences we will never forget. We cried, laughed, smiled, sang, and even slapped (after-party activity). But one thing is for certain, we grew together. Aside from my teammates and family, there are certain people who have made this transition possible. We may possibly have one of the most dedicated and caring coaches around, and without him i’m not sure where we would be today. Also, a skater, captain, bench coach and most importantly a friend who has been with our coach every step of the way to help us succeed. It won’t be too much longer until you will be back on the track with us again, my friend.

After our last bout, I was relieved thinking of all of the time and energy that would be given back to me now that we were done for the year. Oh wait. Derby season never ends. But, then i thought to myself, why would i think that? I need this sport to get me through the school week. I need to be able to go skate and release everything i possibly can in a limited 3 hours( it actually goes by fast).  And most importantly without my friends/teammates who would i hit or get hit by?

“In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flames by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit. “
Albert Schweitzer

4 thoughts on “To my team- thanks.

  1. CRP, you made me cry tears of joy reading this. I am so proud of the girl that showed up behind a camera and is now on the floor showing girls who is boss. I will be sharing the floor with you very soon side by side this time. I love you little sister more than you could ever know…This was wonderful!

  2. Now this sure did tug all the strings of my heart,absolutely beautifully written with so much love.
    Always remember you get what you give.your a very sweet caring young lady who should be very proud of yourself

  3. Lindi,

    Coach feels the same way about each one of you girls. He works so hard to make each practice an experience for each of you. Each derby we build, we put equal parts of love and dedication into. We are glad when it is felt by each girl in our league.

    With much love,

    WESM (for Coach Phil)

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