ChemClub Officers ‘Yep’, ‘Second to None’

                With all my classes in full swing it hardly feels like it hardly feels like summer break even happened. Even the Oswego weather seems to have forgotten unleashing a small cold front to remind people that summer is over. Though the cold has been bad the 1-2 punch that comes with having physical Chem lab and analytical lab the same day has me reeling. Although it hasn’t come close to knocking me down.

                Chemistry Club however is doing very well having our liquid nitrogen ice cream social last Friday. It was a fun time to meet some of the newer chemistry majors, and connect with faculty. My fellow officers and I mixed the milk and cream with the chocolate and strawberry toppings adding the liquid nitrogen ever so slowly. We then played chemistry jeopardy. There were a team of most of the officers and two other teams; the officers, of course, were able to make a comeback victory against the other teams winning beaker mugs! Though the other teams lost I’m sure that they had fun and will try again next year. We also set up an official general ChemClub meeting time and day; so the year is off to an auspicious start.

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I am a junior chemistry major form Brooklyn, NY. I am a laboratory assistant, student researcher in the biochemistry lab, Chemistry Club President, and a McNair scholar.
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