The unique path along our life journey

It’s easy to give up on life when everything may seem like they are not going as planned. Life is a journey down a long road. I have decided to talk about life’s journey because of a comment from one of my supporters. The unique thing about life’s journey is that it is never ending. At times you may encounter bumps along the road. Everyone is faced with obstacles daily, it’s not the obstacles that are unique, it’s the way you handle them. It is about the lesson you learn that enables you to walk happy and ready for the next thing life throws at you. Have you ever been faced with the same obstacle? And wonder why this problem keeps occurring? Look back and analyze what the possible life lesson may be. Do you think you have carried that lesson with you? Did this event have an impact on your personal growth? You might answer no to those questions, which would explain why they keep appearing. You can think of this as a reminder that you are going down the wrong road. There is something you must change at this point in order to get back on track. How much are you willing to put up with before you take charge of your journey of life? It is important to take time to look at things from another approach when you are at a point of struggle. Although your ride may be bumping and not smooth, you are worthy of that smooth road to your destination. You just have to BELIEVE, ACT and EXPERIENCE. I am on a journey of self discovery; I am in the process of getting my communion. Despite all the negativity it’s important that I stay focused on growing and strengthening my relationship with god. I know with this, I will be re-directed onto the right path.

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