My Calendar Shouldn’t Say April

Tomorrow I’ll be ripping out the March page from the calendar that hangs over my desk, and I’m sure you will be too. I’m not gonna lie, I STILL have a slight memory lapse when it comes to what time of year it is. I feel like I’ve been stuck in November and that Winter Break never happened (it blends into the fall semester since I took a WinterSession course and came up to Oswego 3 weeks early). Not to mention, that infamous Oswego weather never ceases to disappoint. 4o degrees and rain sounds like November weather to me. Sigh.

Anywho, my good friend Tim reminded me in class today that I haven’t updated in a while (thanks) so here I am. There’s been a Post-It note on my wall for about 3 weeks now that says “student blogging” and I’m glad I can finally rip it down. But in its place, a million different assignments are going on up on my wall this week. Myself and fellow blogger Kayle have utilized our Village bedroom walls as visual planners: we slap up a Post-It note of something that we need to do. When it’s complete, we get the rush of ripping it off the wall like tearing off a band-aid when the wound has healed. When will this madness end? Oh right…. May something-or-other? But then if I get one of the internships I applied for this summer (fingers still crossed…) things will be mostly non-stop from the beginning of June until August, and so begins my final semester at Oswego.

Oh sorry…. must have dozed off there. End dream sequence.

Back to the weather for a hot second. I’ve come to realize that the environment in Oswego needs a bit of help in the early spring when everything begins to thaw out. Trash is strewn about like a sick and twisted Easter egg hunt, finally reaching the ground after being fossilized in snow and ice. Everything seems to be dirty, no? All the sand, salt and displaced soil from plowing over the winter have taken an aesthetic toll on the beautiful Oswego I know and love in the warmer months. Thankfully, April showers bring May flowers…. and Mother Nature washing away what seems like caked-on makeup after a wild night of partying.

So bring it on, April. I’m not scared of  your so-called “showers”… my jacket has a hood. 😀

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