My Absence is Inexcusable!

Man, last time I posted was September? I am SO off my blogging A-game. Well, let’s get ourselves up to speed. How about we go by month? πŸ™‚


I wound up not having enough time to devote to the up-and-coming glee club on campus, which was something I wanted to jump into with much enthusiasm. But since hockey season (which means you can find me working every men’s and women’s home contest) starts in October in addition to physical therapy, weekly blood testing, classes and study time, I suddenly found myself in over my head. Hopefully the spring semester will afford me a bit more flexibility, though I continue my job with Sports Information as a second-year PA Announcer.


Laker hockey has begun! And I’m finally getting settled into a routine, which feels nice. I try to go to physical therapy around 8:30-9:30am on MWF to get it out of the way and give me enough time to come home and do some work before having lunch with Leah and getting ready for class. By having my Fridays off from classes, I try to get my errands done for the week and I report to work most nights at 4:30 or 5:30, depending on what my job is that night. Alpha Phi Omega is also in the bulk of their pledging process, and I’ve taken on another little “brother” this semester, furthering the Spotted Leopard family πŸ™‚


On the 5th, my sister married the love of her life, and I got to be the Maid of Honor! Months and months of work finally led up to the wedding, which was more than perfect. I had a blast! I’ve also stopped physical therapy, due to a discrepancy with my health insurance and how many visits they’ll cover me for, despite repeated attempts to prove that I was in need of physical therapy services. Instead, I took matters into my own hands and spoke with my orthopedic surgeon at home, who gave me permission to do whatever physical activity feels comfortable. I bought a membership at the new Planet Fitness in Oswego, and I’ve been trying to go as often as possible. It’s so tough getting back into the shape I was in back in 2005, but I’m keeping a positive attitude. Plus, I’m sure my fellow blogger Samantha can give me some pointers!


Well, here it is: the homestretch. I’ve spent a good amount of all-nighters, downed countless bottles of 5-Hour Energy (safely, of course!), all for the heaviest workload I’ve ever had in one semester. When did I think it was a good idea to take 3 of my Writing Plan courses in one semester?! The point is, I got through those classes with A’s and B’s, so I’m proud of the work I put in. Our house also witnessed a slight change in dynamic, with one of our housemates moving out. We’re sad to see her go, but we know it’s for the best and she will still remain a close friend! My time at home was nice and the holidays went well, but I get very bored very quickly in Smithtown, as I don’t have any friends from home or high school to meet up with. I needed to get back to Oswego ASAP!


I’m sitting in my empty townhouse, typing away at my desk in a pair of sweats, a T-shirt, and one of those green goopy beauty masks that you always see in chick flicks. Why not, right? I’ve been the only one in my house since January 2nd, but that ends tomorrow when Kayle and Dave come back from their trip to Mt. Tremblant (which fellow blogger Steve DiMarzo spoke about in his most recent post). You’re probably wondering why am I up here so early. Since I work for Men’s and Women’s hockey, I came up to work at a couple of games and also picked up a Winter Session course to keep building up my credits. At this rate, I could maybe graduate early!

With this extra time, I’ve taken to starting up a free 1-month trial of Netflix (hehe, that will be put to great use), singing/playing guitar to an empty house which sounds amazing since the acoustics are gorgeous, and trying a few new recipes while I’ve got the kitchen to myself.

Oh yeah, and I’m also becoming a pro at cleaning snow off a Ford Escape in under 8 minutes flat. It’s an acquired skill. πŸ™‚

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  1. Girl, I know the exact pain you’re going through with your knee and working to get back in shape! Shoot me a message whenever you are looking for some help, or just need to vent about how frustrating the recovery process is!

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