Cranes fall and money rises

       It’s been a really busy week for me so this week I think I’ll just bring you up to speed with what’s going on in Oswego and with me. We had the first evacuation of Snygg this semester (not the chemist fault I’d like to point out). It was caused by a crane tipping over and filling Snygg with diesel  smoke, because I cant get the image off my phone I think this might fully convey the scene  . I also had a fire drill in my hall (Funnelle) which proved to be a lot more exciting than you would think. Once we got the ok to go back in to the building we all rushed the building as if we were being chased by the IRS, to get to the elevators. Just goes to show you never a dull moment in Funnelle.

       In addition to all of that my quest to raise money to pay for a fermentation science class where we go to the Netherlands for a week is starting to look a lot more promising. I am going to be able to get more work study hours and I am applying to be a general chemistry tutor. So hopefully if everything works out I should be able to make the 250$ deposit by December first, and probably most importantly buy candy to add to my diminishing stash.

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I am a junior chemistry major form Brooklyn, NY. I am a laboratory assistant, student researcher in the biochemistry lab, Chemistry Club President, and a McNair scholar.
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