And I’m Feeling…. Good

Ever come across that song that just… sticks to you? Yup, I’m one of those people… I’ll put 5 or 6 songs on a playlist and listen to them over and over again. Sorry, future drivers stuck next to me at a red light… I’m gonna go ahead and  inconspicuously belt out the lyrics to this jam and pretend it’s not me you’re hearing over the music. As long as you don’t cut me off down the road, I think we can reach some sort of “this-is-my-happy-place-so-leave-me-be” type of agreement, no?

Well, I find that happy place a little less these days since I haven’t sang with an ensemble. And to top it all off, Orientation did an awesome job reprising “Glee” songs for their introductions this summer, as well as a short performance in the fall…. wish I could have been a part of it! But I’ll get to that later…

Anyway…. I’ve rediscovered my obsession — sorry— adoration? for Michael Buble’s music. I’ve always enjoyed chorale music, jazz, big band, swing, etc… it’s so wholesome and original to me. Lots of stuff that you hear on the radio is the same recycled 4 or 5 chords, totally predicable hooks, easy to churn out, annoyingly catchy songs that will play out quicker than Balloon Boy’s father and his 15 minutes of fame.  Yeah, I like Lady Gaga’s most recent stuff as much as the next 20 year old chick, but I can’t help but feel like I should be in some crazy James Bond movie when I listen to some of Buble’s work. Granted he covers many of the standards, he does a darn good job of bringing these classics back to life. And plus… who doesn’t wanna be like James Bond? Seriously. That’s a pretty awesome feeling.

The first time anyone ever heard me sing by myself was at the Smithtown Middle School Talent Show… way back in 2004. My parents were so unsuspecting of me that they thought up comforting, parent-y things to say to me on the way there in case I didn’t do so hot. I’m so glad Mom brought that monster of a video camera… ’cause I gave ’em a show. Here comes this timid girl, not quite fitting in, finally got rid of the glasses and braces, and she’s got a mic in her hand. This is gonna be like a trainwreck: so bad, but you just can’t look away. Well, my friends… I shined that night for sure. That tape is somewhere in the mess that is the camcorder bag… but I haven’t stopped since.

So you can imagine my excitement when Nate Emmons, Assistant Dean of Students and Orientation mastermind came up with an idea to create a show choir here on campus. I’m definitely on board with it, and I’m excited to see what the 58 (yes, 58!) hopefuls on campus bring to auditions on Friday! Mr. Shuester and Rachel Berry would be proud. Or, in the supposed words of Coach Sylvester…. “that’s pathetic”. We’ll see, Coach!

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  1. I really wish I heard about this because I definately would have checked it out and tried out. Why did’t they send out email’s about it?? And will there be other try outs?

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