The wonderful things that happen in Paris, pictures included!

So I am offically finished my first week of university in Paris.  I will have to say it is better than I expected, and sitting in a class for three hours is proving to be easier than I originally thought it would be! 

 The most difficult class I am taking, Scolarisation des eleves non-francophone, is an undergraduate/graduate class.  Lucky me!  It was very interesting, and my education classes I have already taken in the States made it easier.  During class our professor asked the class what the definition of multiculturalism was, and after taking an education class that focused on multiculturalism, I immediately raised my hand.  I said that it was a mix of many cultures and my teacher responded by saying, “that is so anglophone of you, where are you from?”  I said New York State and she said, “Yes that is why you think that.”  I was so confused as she asked another student to answer the question.  Apparently different cultures have different definitions for words.  In Europe, all the cultures are essentially divided by the borders of their countries, so in Europe the definition of Multiculturalism is juxtaposing cultures or cultures side-by-side.  Since the United States is many cultures mixed together, it is obvious we would believe multiculturalism is various cultures in an given area.  I knew I was in France, but I never thought I would hear someone tell me, “ohh that was so anglophone of you!” 

The rest of my classes went well, although due to a minor conflict in classes, I switched from my grammer class to an Interculturality class.  I think that comparing French and American cultures will be more interesting than grammer anyway, so it all worked out fine.

Friday I had no classes, but it ended up being one of my busiest days of this week!  I have to go to the Office of Immigrations and have a medical appointment to get my Carte de Sejour that allows me to reenter France if I travel.  So I am hoping to start travelling very soon.  I know that I am going to spend Christmas in Germany with my “brother” Johannes.  Johannes was an exchange student who lived with me and my family while I was in high school.  I am very lucky to be able to spend Christmas with people I know while I am living in Europe.  I hope to visit some other friends I have in Europe as well, but we will see what time allows.  Speaking of travelling,  I booked a spot to go to Mont-Saint-Michel at the end of this month with my exchange program.  I had said before I even left to come to France that if I went anywhere while I was studying abroad it would be to Mont-Saint-Michel, so I am very very excited.

On Friday night I went out to dinner at a resturant near Boulevard Saint Germain.  I went with two of my French friends and it was a lot of fun.  We had some champagne, wine and we ate lots of French food!  For our appetizer we had a french dish that was an egg in a cream mushroom sauce.  It was very good.  For dinner I ate Boeuf Bourguignon, it is beef in a sauce with potatos and carrots.  I forgot the name of the dish my friends had but I tried it then they proceefed to tell me that I actually ate the bone marrow from a beef bone.  It was surprisingly good, but it was hardest to get over the fact that I had eaten bone marrow, I had assumed that the center of the bone had been stuffed with something, not that we were actually eating the marrow of the bone.  Oh well, cultural difference and I tried something new!  And of course for dessert we had creme brulee. 

Saturday I went to La Fete des Vendanges. 
fete des vendanges
It is the festival of grape harvesting, and there were lots of wine stands to buy local wine.  I saw a parade in the middle of Montmartre and it was a lot of fun.  In addition to a wide variety of wines, many of the regions of France had stands with their local cuisines and wines.  It was once again a festival celebrating the culture of France.  I have never seen a country so proud of their culture and heritage and I really enjoy all of the events that happen every weekend.  I have been here for a little over a month and there has already been 3 separate festivals and events celebrating culture!  

People in Montmartre at the Festival!
sacre coeur fdv

Later Saturday, I went to the Seine (The big river that runs through the center of Paris) to celebrate one of my friends birthday.  We sat on the edge of the river, drinking wine and eating lots of Prince cookies and bread with cheese.  It was a lot of fun and I loved watching all of the tour boats going by with their bright lights that shine on the shore.  It was so relaxing and peaceful!

Oh and this is and advertisement in the Metro for Orange Internet and I think it is hilarious so I am posting it!
ily i et i
(There is Internet…… and Internet, I love Mr. Potato Head!)

Paris has been so fun this week, if I stay this busy Iwill be it will be January before I know it.  I don’t know how time can seem so fast or slow!  But  am enjoying my time here while it lasts!  Hope you enjoyed my post this week!  ENJOY!!!!!

Toute a l’heure!

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