Owen does the Oswego Indie Series

The music scene is quiet around these parts. Unless you travel to Buffalo or Rochester, chances are you probably won’t find much live music. Thankfully, ARTSwego and WNYO college radio are teaming up to bring “The Indie Series” to Oswego State campus.

This month, the campus gets to indulge in the acoustic folk sounds of Owen. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Owen is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Mike Kinsella. Mike is a well-known name in the Chicago indie scene, to say the least. Owen manages to take the unpolished and raw acoustic style of an old-school Bright Eyes while utilizing the sweet sincerity of other stringed instruments like violin and even cello. Mike plays virtually every instrument on all nine of his EP’s and albums.

Owens lyrics are pretty down to Earth. He sings about things going on in his everyday life, sort of like an angelic, teen Bob Dylan with girl problems (and a lot more fluid melody). It doesn’t leave much to the imagination, but it’s calming and soothing. Owen is more of a band to sleep and reflect to than to get amped.

No matter what you choose to do with your Friday night on October 16th, just remember for $5, you can catch a decent show with a bunch of people looking for the same thing; some good music to listen to.

2 thoughts on “Owen does the Oswego Indie Series

  1. The Indie Series has brought some good acts to campus for sure. Wish Syracuse had some more interesting things going on. Anyone willing to travel on down should check the Westcott Theater listings. They usually have it going on.
    Enjoy the Owen show, Jose!

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