One thing that it has taken me four years at Oswego to figure out is my finances.  Coming to college was so difficult for me because I could buy whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, without my parents being there to question my every purchase.  I thought I had it all figured out, then I turned 21.  I don’t mean that I spend all my money on alcohol and get drunk every weekend, but simply going out to eat and having a drink with dinner costs more than expected when it all adds up.  Books, gas money to drive home and other little things all add up too.  I usually can keep a good balance with my money because I’ve always had a job while I’ve been here, but it’s hard to get ahead and save.  Something I finally had to do when I reached my breaking point worrying about money (it’s not worth worrying about money) was to make a spread sheet of my spending and deposits.  I know it’s a little late to do this and get organized, but I have to start somewhere!  My advice to everyone coming to college would be to get as organized as soon as possible and be thrifty!  I’d rather be prepared for the future than worry about being broke all the time.

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