I found out a few days ago that someone that graduated from my high school was killed in combat in Iraq.  Coming from such a small school, everyone knew him and it has been something that has been really hard for the whole community to understand.  I hope he knows how extremely proud so many people are of him and how brave he is for sacrificing his life for the country.  In times like this, I can only help but think that God makes everything happen for a reason.  It really is a reality check.  I’ve been thinking lately that people, including myself, take so much for granted.  A lot of us (and no, I’m not saying everyone) walk around and act like our lives are so horrible and stressful all the time and really, we should all just be thankful that we are living.   I find it incredibly sad that most people forget that there are soldiers still fighting in a war and to be honest, if someone asked me why we have soldiers in Iraq right now I would have no answers.  I’ll admit, it’s the last thing that I think about most days but in the end, it should be something that I pray about every single day.

RIP Mike…so many people are proud of you.  I hope I can do something extraordinary with my life just like you did.

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