Snow! Snow! Snow!

I just wish it was nice and warm and fluffy, instead of wet and freezing. It must be quite entertaining for someone to watch me, the blind chick try to walk from class to work, or another class etc. It is amusing for myself. I can only see very limited and everything just looks like a big foggy white blanket. It’s always fun when I hear a plow, but not quite sure where to walk to avoid it. I have already played “chicken” with the snow movers on the sidewalks, needless to say, I’ve won that battle. I use a white cane, which blends right in with the snow. The people who work for the college and remove snow and keep our sidewalks clear, do a great job, but we cannot do anything about the gusts of wind that come off of the lake. This makes it very difficult for me to feel the sidewalk and decipher which way to go, usually it is a snow bank or the wrong path, but no matter what, I get where I’m going, while laughing the whole time, of course.

I wish I was young again, playin in the snow with friends, making igloo’s, having snowball fights and going sledding. I remember when my friends and I would come inside my house from playing all day, and there would be nice big mugs of hot coco waiting for us with a mound of marshmellows on top. It’s pretty much the same here at Oswego, accept I don’t really play in the snow, well on purpose. When friends and I park in the parking lot and trot through the snow to our dorm building, we can then go to the dining hall and make ourselves a delicious cup of hot coco. It’s kind of similar.

I cannot wait to go snow boarding. I am part of the ski club on campus. The club travels and has two major ski/snowboarding trips throughout the year. I am not attending either one this year, but I will definitely be doing so next winter. I want to hit the slopes and make sure I still remember how to snowboard. I haven’t gone on the mountains since two years ago and I have lost some vision since then, so we’ll see how this adventure plays out. There are many blind or visually impaired people who ski or snowboard. They use a guide, but I am not totally positive how it works. But I will find out, and write about it when I do.

Off to class, the snow is falling, the plows are out and here I come.

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  1. The mental picture of Erin vs. snowplow, with Erin victorious, just makes me laugh every time.

    Hope your Thanksgiving is great!

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