Final Road – For now at least….

Well you have it folks. It’s getting to that time of the semester when many people begin to wish they would have went to their 9:10am class everyday or should have studied just a bit longer and often. From my experiences over the past several semesters I dread finals week and the ending of the semester. I just feel as though so much stacks and packs up in just a short while.

The best way that I find that I get through this is just not to STRESS! When I think of all the amount of work due and deadlines drives me completely mad. Many of my friends laugh at me and wonder how I am able to do it but I do my best to stay on top. It hasn’t always been easy and I have faced many challenges in past semesters. Despite the difficulties I learned to never give up and to remain focus. This semester is going to be my last semester of formal class work and finals for the most part. Next semester I am will be doing a broadcast practicum and also establishing some internship. I must say that it is excited to see this coming semester unfold!!!!

I am prepared to make it an exciting time with my friends and make the most at opportunities that lie right ahead of me. It’s just so funny that 10 years ago I only dreamed of this moment. That moment would be me being in college, graduating, working, being independent, and making my way in the world. I never understand until now what people meant when they say life is too short. I am just glad to live my life!!!

One thought on “Final Road – For now at least….

  1. Probably one of the few things I don’t miss about not being a student (to employ a double negative) is studying. Especially for finals. Trying to remember everything that happened over a semester is a challenge. But I guess it also makes us remember and review what we learned that was important.

    Good luck, and hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

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