Thanksgiving Break

I was just thinking about how much I hate traveling around the holiday time; oh goodness Thanksgiving break is coming up soon!! I started thinking about how I’m going to make it home? Where I’m getting the money from to buy a ticket? Is it even worth spending a lot of money to go home just for a couple days when I am going home soon for Christmas break? I would love to see my family, but then I started thinking about how families get on your nerves on a regular basis, and on holidays even ten times worst! I don’t know how much I am into the holiday feelings that are floating around, I hear so many people talking about how much they cannot wait to go home; to see their dogs, their favorite nephew, their uncle Luke, and oh by the way aunt Susan is coming up from Virginia, so thanks giving is going to be extra special. Why can’t I share that same excitement? Why can’t I be excited about the fact that my Nini might come up all the way from Georgia? Why am I not excited that we might have dinner at my aunt Jenny’s’ house? And we will laugh, and argue, and eat dinner at 11pm when we said it would start at 5pm SHARP!!!

Thanksgiving is such a special time, and I think I should be happy about this break, actually I think of all the breaks, Thanksgiving break is well deserved, it’s right at the peak of the end of the semester… so before we stress ourselves out, why not go home, eat your life away, be satisfied for a couple of days, and then come back and get ready to pull all of hair out while preparing for finals week. It is well deserved, I should feel like I want to go home, I need a break from this place, I need to rejuvenate!! What better place to do that than home sweet home ;-).

I could just imagine how horrible I would feel if I missed out on some fry chicken, bake macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes pie, oxtail, curry chicken and all (my family is Jamaican, we hardly ever do turkey, only if they feel like following tradition). Plus my Nini is coming up, Oh my God she is so funny, why wouldn’t I want to laugh until I am about to choke. Missing out on cooking with the women in my family would almost be like a social crisis, that’s when we share stories, and the older women school the younger women on how to cook a good meal. Having members of the family calling asking what time dinner would start, and even if we tell them the time, they still show up hours later than the time we originally told them!! That is priceless!! We gossip, we share the same stories from last thanksgiving, we always have someone’s boyfriend who we have never met before sitting at the table with us, and the best of them all we throw down on a wide selection of some good food while giving thanks. Moments like those are so worthwhile, and they are so important, and I wouldn’t want to miss it for anything in the world!!!

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Hello my name is Sherrifa Bailey, I am from Brooklyn, New York. I am a junior majoring in Public Justice and Psychology with a minor in Forensic Science. One of my favorite things to do will have to be dancing. I love to dance!! Along with that, I love my familyand friends, going through new experiences, and definitely travelling the world!!!!
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2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Break

  1. It sounds like you really have fun Thanksgivings! I am sure that once you get home and all of that settles in (you see Nini, etc.), the excitement will settle in. I think it’s just because you’ve been here for so long that that all seems so foreign.

  2. Very well said. I tended to have mixed emotions about Thanksgiving. On the one hand, I’d be stoked to go home and see family and have a huge home-cooked meal. But I also would miss not seeing my friends, even for a few days. That was before the Internet kept us all in touch, however. You know, a long long time ago …

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