Prepare for the Finals!

Prepare for the Finals!

                Finals week may be a while away, however, I hope everyone starts studying now. I’m a little nervous myself to how my first semester finals would be like. Before and after the Thanksgiving break should be a time everyone should support studying for those finals. It may be a pain, I’m sure, but you can seriously thank yourself later by having that course material stuck in your head. All the time put into studying will be worth it. I completely support people who give the effort early and not so much those who don’t care and rather drink the day before the final.

Thankfully the dorms have quiet hours extended throughout the whole week and everyone should take great advantage of that. I’d rather stay in my room and study than walk to the library because of a noisy hallway. I hope everyone who tries and puts in the effort does a really great job in the finals! Studying is certainly better than procrastinating even though some people work better under pressure. I personally don’t think that’s good for anyone but whatever helps you to pass is alright in my book. There’s lots of stress that can be placed on you because of how many tests there are, but I believe we can take 5 hour energies and live through it. Just kidding, study and you’ll do great.

I hope to manage these exams even though I’m severely struggling with one course. I will find a friend to study with since I found out it really helped boost my score on the last exam. Everyone should try to do the same if you haven’t already. Forming study groups or just studying with a good friend/note taker does help your chances of getting through to your classes. The General Education classes may not be in our favor, but that’s what our friends are here to help with. Friends help build bonds and they become lifetime friends of whom could even help build great connections to the outside world. Everything builds up from studying when you think of it. This is pretty optimistic and it keeps a person feeling better since stress only seems to make you age faster. Hope you guys all study and wish you the best of luck! Don’t procrastinate!

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