Are You Ready?

We are officially ONE day away. If your not ready well then F.U *. I’m not even going to lie to you , I snuck into the last practice. Poles,Girls on tables, the dances…oh the dances! This show is really coming together nice.I still consider myself to be new even though I’ve been here for a semester now ; but in talking to everyone involved in the scenes and the few who watched last practice. This year might be the best one yet so I’m hyped.

I still have to experience it for self to really answer and reveal but to me what Variety Show represents , is a time were we are being festive and fun. Although we do put our best foot forward at the dinners and we enjoy those fully. I still feel a connection to this show because it allows for the opportunity for talent to be showcased, for peoples fashion sense to be recognized and for people to have a good reason to dress up and look their best, despite Oswego’s best attempt to have us look ugly on the daily with this weather(snow ugh). It truly is a time to express yourself , take that deep breath and let it all out. Everyone has been going hard from the Rose in the Concrete to the last program w/ASO “Minority Report”. We made it baby! Black History Month has been recognized and celebrated to the FULLEST since Jan 31st midnight till the “electric slide” plays at the BSU dinner (tumbo you better play that ).

Courtesy Donations of $2 for students and $4 for general public are accepted. (and “encouraged”my words…its like $2 that’s something out the vending machine. I mean…). Hopefully I see everyone their ready to turn it up in the Oz for the weekend. Then after is the annual and highly anticipated dinner the next day with the keynote speaker J.Ivey . Tickets are still on sale but I wouldn’t know. I copped mine .

~If you cant get with it then #F.U**

*What does the “F.U” stand for!?! does anyone know yet?