Squatting in Your Residence Hall

Something that I find to be rather senseless is the fact that even if you are squatting in the exact same room the following semester, you are not permitted to leave your possessions in the room over the summer unless you are a Village resident, which is an extremely unfair advantage. It makes no sense to me, because it would save a lot of time both for students returning to the same rooms and for Welcoming Crews assisting students when school begins again.

Summer break really isn’t that long; it is only two to three months, so what kind of sense does it make to remove all possessions from the room and then return them when it comes time to return? It is such an utter waste of time and ultimately defeats what the primary purpose of squatting should be (key word – should).

For example, I keep a refrigerator here, one that I do not really need at home, and even if I could just leave that here, it would be so helpful. I have office supplies, silverware, plates, bathroom supplies, and so forth that simply do not need to go home, and it is such a hassle to have to bring them home and store them when they are coming back here, anyway. The same is true of wall posters; I have to take the time to decorate the room but then have to take everything down in May only to put it back up in September; it simply doesn’t make sense.

However, for the most part, I really feel like I am, more or less, repeating the same statement over and over again, just wording it differently, and I don’t want to do that. I just feel like something should be done to reform such a senseless policy. I have very mixed feelings about the semester being almost over, but mostly, I really don’t want to go home. Here, I have a happy life, and I am with whom I love. I really wish that I could stay here and take classes over the summer.

To conclude, I saw a Roller Derby game here in Oswego this past weekend, and it was fun. The best way of explaining the experience is to start by explaining what happened to me a week ago this previous Sunday. To cut a long story short, I hit my head pretty hard, and I lost my ability to speak properly, but it was only very temporary (only a few hours), and for a good week or so following the accident, my head hurt so bad. I had terrible migraines that made me sensitive bright lights and loud noises, and at the game, there was an obnoxiously loud band playing beforehand, and then when the players’ “fake names” were being announced right before the game started, someone was blowing a whistle not too far from where we (my boyfriend and I) were sitting, so my head was killing me. Other than that, though, it was a lot of fun and was an interesting experience, because other than the film Whip It!, I have never seen a Roller Derby game. It was against Cortland, and Oswego won 160 to 69.

This weekend, I am playing a kickball game with a team of friends at Lee Field. It is some sort of tournament against other teams, not all of which are from Oswego, I don’t think. It cost $100 to register our team, which I think is ridiculously expensive, but proceeds went to a good cause. It should be fun, even though it is three hours, and I will likely be writing about it. In the meantime, take care.