Gemma’s Room

Directly across from the doorway, is a wall with space which I’ve designated for images,  quotes, thoughts and a few articles to tack up. When I first unpacked I put these items, partially as reference points. However the items I choose were near to me. For example the one tiny article you see is my first published piece(ever) , a cut out that says ” enjoy the ride” because I often need the reminder to not be so tense, and a picture of my dog .I have become a big believer in the energy that you allow into your life and space as well as how it affects your mood. The other day I walked into my room , as I had done countless other times, but this time I stopped in the doorway. “Somethings missing” I muttered . Looking around, the incomplete feeling was palpable. Suddenly I saw it… “it” being what was missing. My favorite picture of Gemma my first and only niece. Just the thought of her alone, could bring me to a great place. She represented all that was important to me , love,family , “the joy”. So now front and center in my room , across the doorway sits the picture to my sanity, a brief mental escape and most of all the biggest reminder of the love near to me.Now my room is complete.