Debit Cards

I have a suggestion for the future if anyone who has the power to make the change is reading this. I know that as someone who rarely ever has cash on him, I would really appreciate it if stores on campus would accept debit cards as a method of payment. No stores do, not Freshens, not Snygg Snacks, not the store in Lanigan, not the store in Rich, not the store in Penfield, etc. The only stores on campus that do are the stores in Hewitt such as Artville, and even then, I have been told that the cost needs to be at least $5 in order for you to use a debit card. It is very inconvenient, because as I said, I don’t like having cash on me, and even if I did, the ATMs don’t always work, anyway. Just a few days ago, one of them took $50 out of my boyfriend’s bank account even though it didn’t give him the $50, so now, he has to submit a request for an investigation in hopes to get his $50 back.

Every now and then, I like picking up a small snack or a beverage from a store on campus to enjoy before or during class, or maybe at the library while I get some work done, and I can pretty much only do that for as long as I have money on my Plus-Plan, which goes quickly. When I was a freshman here two years ago, students only received $50 per semester. Now, they receive $70, which is a lot better, but it still doesn’t last all that long, especially since Freshens is so expensive. I just wish that this could be changed, because I can recall back to when I first discovered that stores on campus only accepted cash and Plus-Plan as methods of payment; I was very, very surprised.

After all, this is 2011, and this should pretty much be a method of payment everywhere, especially on a college campus. It is especially ridiculous when the idea of the Oswego Debit Card is put into consideration. Yes, they can be used off campus and at Hewitt, but the majority of stores on campus do not accept them because obviously, they are debit cards, so is there really any practical benefit to issuing them? Don’t get me wrong; if debit cards were allowed as a method of payment, then I’d be more encouraged to spend money, since it would be more accessible to me, but I trust that I could teach myself to be reasonable; I need to save money more than ever right now, and I’m well aware of that. I would just appreciate the chance to not be so limited.

Tantalizing mind games

Ghana just beat the U.S. in the 2010 World Cup 🙂 My friend Jenny who I met in Ghana is at the World Cup; I hope she saw it. My boyfriend and family says I have no national pride, which is slightly true. I was rooting for Ghana because I want to see a country whose main sport (arguably only main sport) is football succeed at what they do best. I get annoyed with the inherent winner-take-all attitude of American athletics. Why do we HAVE to be the best at every single sport in existence? Ghana beat the U.S. in two consecutive World Cups. Should we have hard feelings because the U.S. lost or should we be proud that a country whose intense focus on football reaped winnings?

I choose to sympathize with Ghana and give them as much congratulations as they deserve. I hope they win the World Cup!

Moving on to the title of this blog, “Tantalizing mind games,” I’ve been racking my brain recently with trying to figure out what I’m going to do with my life in the next year. A lot of good things have happened to me over the past couple of months. Got several big-ticket scholarships, got to go to Scotland, got to see the family in California, got my summer job back, and got to move in (partially) to my apartment in Oswego.

It’s hitting me every day: holy cow – I’m going to be a graduated senior within the next year, and I’m going to have to figure my life out!

I have so many thoughts running through my head, hence the mind games. I’ll think of possibilities for employment, where I’m going to live, how I’m going to afford everything. It’s like chaos in my head. I love to plan things out from week to week and have intricate details about what I’m going to be doing. The problem with planning for my life after college is that I can’t plan out what I don’t know!

I’ll be graduating with a journalism BA and global studies minor (which sounds good on paper but doesn’t actually count for anything concrete). I KNOW that I want to work as a writer/communications person for a nonprofit that works toward equal human rights/eco-justice/environmental justice. I want to be with my boyfriend, Josiah. The problem with that is that we have to wait until he finds out where he’s getting into law school. The options are: UCLA, UC Berkeley, San Diego Law School, possibly Georgetown, San Francisco School of Law, and others. This means that I have to find a job wherever he’ll be located. I wish I knew so I could start looking!

I also want to go to grad school for either journalism, nursing, environmental science, or global/international studies/diplomacy. They’re related, right? Sounds near impossible, but I think that our generation will be one where everyone has five careers or something. Hopefully.

Do you see my predicament? This is a dysfunctional blog – just like my creative non-mathematical mind on Sudoku. Sometimes I naively plead: why can’t this be easy?! Growing up is definitely not easy. I look forward to figuring out what I’m going to do. Hope these mind games clear up!